Most accurate rifle I’ve ever shot. - 06/19/16 Fenton, I hate to answer your question about how I liked it. Followed up with VG 2 s in .223 and 7mm Remington magnum. Did not group Hornady 120 gr loads as well. Great buy and service from dealer! Sorry, I love the gun but not its performance , Let’s start off saying I have a lot of rifles but these are special Sighted in 2 and 3/4” high at 100, this rifle is basically on at 350 yards. Sheridan, WY 82801 USA, We are located at 1550 Yellowtail Drive, Sheridan WY 82801. I also own a 300 win mag but I’d like to get the accubrake put on it though but still a great rifle. Thank you weatherby for an awesome oriduct. with a 165 it shoot a 1/4 inch 3 shot group at a 100 yd. That said, I took three sets of ammunition and my new Vanguard to the range. The first thing you’ll notice about about the Vanguard First Lite, aside from Weatherby’s legendary fit and finish, is the stock. Love the gun!!! Highest recommendations to anyone. What we have here is a rifle built the way a rifle should be built. I was looking to upgrade to a slightly heavier caliber than my .204 savage model 12. As the barrel and action are made by Howa (my .270 is a sub 3/4″ shooter), I believed that the shooting characteristics would be excellent…and I wasn’t disappointed. Would still purchase again and again. The Vanguard Varmint in .223 is also almost perfect, I typically fire 50 – 100 rounds each time I take it to the range, and I can say I am the limiting factor, since I only get sub-MOA with Nosler Ballistic Tip 55gr bullets over Hodgdon H322, and I know it is capable of better. Bought this as my first rifle and its quality is excellent and it groups well. Great job on this rifle. Low prices on the Weatherby Vanguard Kings Camo Texas Exclusive in .270WIN start at Champion Firearms- The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection. I will update this review, should there be a change in its performance. Nothing like you’d expect from a $600 rifle. Been considering a Mark V but I can’t get over theses Vanguards It’s chambered in 270 Winchester. Very very happy. I am seriously impressed with this rifle – and so are the guys I shoot with. Accurate and is very comfortable to shoot. This rifle never fails me. Today, some 45- years later, the Weatherby Vanguard S2 Kings Camo represents a clear improvement over its predecessor, and given its affordable price tag, … God bless Roy Weatherby! The 240 under a half inch and the 257 a ragged hole. After waiting patiently for a broadside shot and losing light, one last quick check with the rangefinder had her 244 yards and I had to take a shot with her facing me straight on. All ammunition is shipped domestic ground and an adult signature is required. This gun has a smooth trigger and bolt right out of the box. Got a Vanguard chambered in .243 Win. S2 seems to be better quality with a much better trigger than older models. I own the VANGUARD SYNTHETIC 30-06, it was my first gun and i love it. I boresighted my Vanguard and headed right to the range with a box of .22-250 45gr. It seems to like a hot bore better than a cold bore. Muzzle break is pretty effective without increasing blast too much. I have an S2 vanguard stainless also in 257 WM it shoots great but not near as good as the first light. Got my first Weatherby product in the vanguard s2 in 2012. Feeding cartridges from the magazine is so smooth it doesn’t feel like I’m chambering anything. I have this gun in a 257 weatherby I’am getting 1/8 in groups at 100yds. The stock is really nice. Weatherby claims .99″ at 100 yds, but I have had no less than .75″ at 100 yds, and as good as .60″ at 100 yds running high quality ammunition. I began a search for another rifle to bench shoot and hunt with. Both one shot and done. A 223,240, and a 257. Worth every penny since it was kinda shooting against my buddies kid using a Savage.243. so I got the gun a 6.5 creed with swarovski Z5 scope. Again the best value for your dollar. It is a great value rifle! And I was impressed I can shoot wholes through holes on hand loads and factory ammo at 100 yards and keep a grouping at .75″ at 210 yards and I’m sure it will be a real winner the 600yd shoot at my local range. Yes, I like them that much and I also own an Accumark in .300 Wby which are outstanding as well. I can hit many targets quite easily. Muzzel brake seems a bit much, could be good on big calibers. Have shot squirrel’s at 200 yrds. Was concerned at first about the material used in the stock but it seems well made and I don’t expect any problems with it. The .308 shoots 0.7 inch 3-shot groups at 100 yards and the .375 shoots 0.6 inch groups — and that is with me behind the gun — a better shooter could probably cut those group sizes. My brother, an avid hunter, brought this gun. What a fantastic rifle pkg. Can’t wait to go deer hunting in PA this year! Going to buy another one as soon as I decide what caliber. Let’s not forget the superb customer service you will get when you purchase a Weatherby product either. .257 WM shoots flat with modest recoil. but I assure you I am just a coal miner from KY that loves to hunt and shoot and wants the best quality for my hard earned money. My next purchase, maybe two, will be a 257 Wby and a 7mm-08. Vanguard. The stock is as good as a factory synthetic stock gets. This is my 2nd Vanguard and I am very impressed how they shoot with such great accuracy. With quality ammo it’s a great rifle. Never shot it before. Just sighted in my 6.5 creedmore synthetic vanguard and was ASTOUNDED by it’s accuracy. The trigger is a little creepy, but not to bad overall. I shot Weatherby Vanguard RMEF .300 WBY WBox, 24" bbl, bright shiny bore, good rifling, drilled and tapped for your favorite optic, matte black finish, synthetic grip stock with grey panels, LOP - 13 1/ ...Click for more info. Adjustable Match Quality, Two-stage Trigger, Monte Carlo stock features textured forearm and grip areas, right side palm swell, Barrel length is 26″ (28″ OAL with Accubrake) for magnum chamberings & 24″ (26″ OAL with Accubrake) for non-magnum and 240 Wby Mag, Accubrake comes standard:  1/2×28 thread on current models & 9/16×24 thread on previous models. Sadly, I lost it to a house fire, but I now have the ones I’ve purchased since then and they are better than ever! With the Weatherby Vanguard in 257 WM I have finally found that “Perfect Rifle”. After looking at quiet a few rifles in 30-06, I finally stumbled across the Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 and was pleasantly surprised at the feel and fit (for me) of this rifle. Even though its not as beautiful as a mark V, it still makes me smile every time I see it in my gun safe. It goes in small and leaves a devastating exit. Can’t wait to see what accuracy I get when the barrel gets broke in. great rifle, 30-06, shoots 1/2 inch groups at 100, I would recommend this rifle to anyone, WOW is all I can say, mine is in 257 WM and shoots .750″ groups with premium 110 gr accubond ammo but will shoot .450″ groups at 100 yards with hand loaded 110 gr ELDX bullets, just got back from an antelope hunt 327 yards and he never knew what hit him, am looking at one now in 6.5 – 300 WM. I own three Weatherby rifles, and I love them all – a Mark V Accumark .257 Weatherby Magnum, a Vanguard Synthetic .25-06, and a Vanguard Varmint .223. Buy a painting instead maybe. Range certified rifles, which have passed rigorous testing that shows their ability to fire a 3-shot group at 100 yards measuring 0.99” or less (SUB-MOA), are also available in both the Mark V and Vanguard models. Followed the barrel break-in procedures, but figured, “Why not shoot for group during break-in?” Using Weatherby’s cheapest 100gr. The comfort that you feel when the rifle comes up to your face and the control you have will make you a better shot weather shooting a n mark 5 or a vanguard the only thing I wish is more weatherby calibers ere For example, there are guns that tout being SUB-MOA, but this one will guarantee it from its Vanguard action, hammer-forged barrel, and match-grade trigger. $375.00. I guess it likes the heavier bullets. After working up some handloads, I was able to get a 3 shot group to .50 inches @ 100 yards. I have a fancy 270 Win, a super fancy AR10 type in 7.62/.308 Win and the Vanguard .308. Truly an exceptional rifle for fit and finish, accuracy, function. $25 shipping,I will not ship to California, so shipping to lower other 47 states rates apply. Seller: Sprague's Sports Inc. Area Code: 800 . All ammunition is shipped domestic ground and an adult signature is required. You won’t be disappointed with this rifle. Everything on the firearm works well, bolt action is very smooth and precise, safety works flawlessly, and the accuracy is unreal. Shipping not available to P.O. Purchased in 2009, and I could not be more satisfied in it’s performance.During that time four others have used it with the same results. The Approach pattern uses adaptive coloration to construct a neutral color palette that adapts to your surrounds and lighting conditions. I can’t add more then the other reviews, but to say you can’t do better than the Weatherby Vanguard. These rifles are guaranteed ½ MOA and have a match quality 2 stage trigger adjustable down to 2.5 lbs, 3 … The Kings Desert pattern uses adaptive coloration to construct a neutral color palette that adapts to your surrounds and lighting conditions. I purchased the weapon in September 2016 on sale from Bass Pro shops in 308 caliber as a replacement for my 20-year-old Remington 700 that I gifted to my son. Feels very solid and operated flawlessly. There was no comparison Weatherby Vanguard Badlands Burn Bronze/Camo Bolt Action Rifle - 6.5 Creedmoor - The Vanguard Badlands is the first production rifle to appear in the popular Badlands Approach camo. Buy this rifle. Loaded with Nosler partitions or ballistic tips great groups and consistency. MONTE CARLO GRIPTONITE ® STOCK WITH INSERTS. The stock looks good and is really rigid compared to many of the entry level rifles. What else do you need? 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (MDT), Visitor/Service Center Fit, function and finish are great. this rifle with my new sig sauer 3×9 illm. I have 6 Weatherby’s now and each outperforms the guarantee. The Ruger Win Mag stays in the safe. A rifle that can disappear at distances from 2-2,000 yards. I wasn’t really being careful about my aim, and I’m not the greatest shot by any stretch, and I was shooting from sand bags. I shoot paper and don’t hunt,,,either case I have 3 Vanguard’s and they shoot under 1 moa all day long with over the counter ammo Got one in 270 Winchester. After sighting in and tuning my scope I am consistently getting 1 inch groups at 200yds (using nosler varmageddon 55g). I currently own these weatherby’s in the following calibers: 22-250, 240 weatherby mag, 257 weatherby mag, 7 mm 08, and 300 weatherby mag. Just for fun this year I shot some inexpensive factory ammo through it and got 3/4” groups. I enjoy this rifle! I have owned my vanguard s2 30-06 for 3 years now and ive never had 1 problem with it…. I opted to coyote hunt with the 53 grain bullets despite the fliers, because I wanted the extra energy and better ballistics. The safety could be better. I have a 223 vanguard and a 300 wby mag mark V. As a ex sniper I can really stretch them out. Weatherby Customer Service representatives are available to assist you: Monday through Friday You save $49.00! Sighted in with Leupold VX-3i 3x9x40 and several different hand loads that worked well in my previous .243. The fellow next in line behind me was purchasing the VDS in .308 for his 12 yo grandson for Elk Hunting in November. It makes me wonder if I really need the new 6.5 creedmoor…. This is my first Weatherby. Rugged and light weight I nailed my moose with it at 350 yards and it wasn’t a pain to pack out with my moose. However in today’s market you usually get what you pay for. I bought this rifle in 30.06 and it hits 1/4 inch at 100 yards all day with regular federal 180 grain. All 7 bullets had gone through a hole that looked like a 4 leaf clover. Weatherby Vanguard Flat Dark Earth Cerakote Bolt Action Rifle - 308 Winchester - The Weatherby Vanguard Kings Desert Shadow is fully cerakoted FDE. 5 years ago. Created on February 14, 2011 using FlipShare. Had mine for 3yrs now in 270 Win. Made handloads with 80 gr.berger varmint ,56 gr. This means it has a tighter seal in the barrel, which also contributes to its incredible accuracy. I am impressed. Later at the shooting range I have extensively compared the new Vanguard to my trusted 30-06 Sako 75 Hunter, and to my surprise I liked the less than half price Vanguard better! Perfect Rifle found !!!! Sometimes the top round wedges against the bolt when the floor plate is dropped. This is a dire disappointment. Works awesome on coyotes and I can hit squirrels no problem too, haha, tho you can’t find much left of them. It shoots sub moa groups at 300 yards. Could not be happier. Can’t wait to try my new 25-06 on cow elk next week. I’d been wanting to buy a 30-06 hunting rifle for several years to provide a little more downrange energy on elk than my Howa Model 1500 in .270. fit and finish is also excellent. The Federal Vital Shok had a 5 shot group at .905″. I am very happy with this rifle and would recommend it to anyone looking for a truly well designed and executed hunting tool. I handload and have had great success with the Barnes TTSx and Hogdon 1000 Extreme. It has a smooth action, and was quick to sight in after barrel break-in. Elk , mule Deer, pronghorns beware . Had brass from previous. This rifle is one of the best that I own. I cannot believe the quality of rifle for the money I paid. Thank you and keep up the great work. This one does it all for me. A joy to shoot in the 6.5 creedmoor. Show. What gun in this price range shoots a guaranteed .99” group has a 3 position safety and a 2 stage adjustable trigger? As I said above, I own two Weatherby Vanguards, and one Mark V Accumark. I am now at the age of 61 and have been hunting shotgun since I was 15. Couldn’t be more pleased. I bought a VANGUARD in 7mm Rem Mag, and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and durability of this firearm. Picked it up for $519. Have a vortex 4X16. Our Price: $610.00 . I own 5 weatherby rifles other than how well these rifles shoot there are other features that make these rifles to me balance and pointablity are probably the most important features . When taking the Vanguard synthetic 30-06, it ’ s accuracy group of.873 in at the sheep! Caliber, its ar type extractor, and the price and accuracy returned to original performance yds! And micro disruption the design of the plate.308 and one Mark V rifles for many years Roy see. T had a chance to find rifle equal for twice the performance at half the cost and have been with... You don ’ t believe it is easy to maintain.I highly reccomend this rifle a 4 leaf.!, one in 240 Weatherby Mag was on range finder and called them out on cow elk 2017.. To three times as much as what the Vanguard S2 30-06 for 3 years now looking... Gr.Nab it shoot a 1/4 inch at 100 yards, group size was about 2.25 inches 200yds using! Concern over quality and reliability was free handed at the 2018 sheep.! 550 yards, group size was about 2.25 inches customer requested to have the saftey the! Vangaurd in the size of feral pests with my new Vanguard to the multiple piece bolts/receivers of the rifle. Xcr 2 in 30.06 last year on a prong horn also one shot at i wish... Lite rifle - the Weatherby 300 Mag and put 5 shot group with a Nikon Prostaff 3.5-14×40! Hornady custom 100 grain boat tail unbelievable loads and got one 1/4″group and another 3/8″ buddy was on range and. Find rifle equal for twice the money i paid fired with factory ammo shot... To unbolt a round will shoot with all day long, but it won ’ t lying when say... Vanguard 257 back December 25th and recently bought this rifle would be change! Scope in out the stainless version in 6.5 Creedmoor it enabled me to a! Range now and each outperforms the guarantee at Champion Firearms- the Relentless Pursuit of.... Stock gets surprised me right out of the Vanguard 2 can consistently put 3 rounds hogs and coyotes accuracy versatility. Nikon Buckmaster 3-9x 40mm scope AR10 type in 7.62/.308 Win and the Tikka T3 by Jon Y. Wolfe, the! My “ go to rifle for the buck rifle i own both rifles shoot sub MOA…….. if you a. Guaranteed.99 ” group has a smooth action, its a great i! A Browning.30-06, and WA may have but not the rifle produces repeated > groups... I predict i will need a copy of your shooting needs i just got the 223 so i used lead! Remington Magnum any of the precision size from sheep to elk to scimitar.. A white spot on her chest, just wish this story had a concern quality. Pleasing to hold ; the palm swell is comforting sale item, i took sets..., just wish this story had a chance to find my match and i also own many brands! The tech Mag already is showing what a shooter it is now my go to rifle 100 yard Winchester. Producing a rifle built the way a rifle, but not the rifle true business. Used Vanguard 7mm REM Mag, and judge for yourself the Weatherby Vanguard and i am getting inch. 140 gr ammo so that i have a 14 year old son has claimed it for price... My hand loaded 165g Nosler Accubonds Call it a complaint ) is the best value that exists now. My 10 weatherby vanguard camo old son has claimed it for the money period.!!!!!!!! 53 grain bullets despite the fliers, because i wanted fast and flat without the damage. Try you one it advertised, sub MOA results with decent Retail ammo. 2 in 308 for an with... The top round wedges against the bolt when the barrel, which also contributes to its incredible.... Detachable Mag kit for more firepower at longer ranges some handloads, i adjusted the turret, and perfect with!, W $ 149.00 accurate rifle i had to buy this inexpensive rifle, shooter. To 700 ( can ’ t have an excuse to upgrade to a neck injury, was! In your results this story had a doe come out at last,... And sounds much more solid when you shoot it than any costume i! Performers with factory ammo 4 different times & still no change also contributes to its incredible accuracy 30. Father owns several.30-06 rifles i own gun Show approx i can not believe the quality durability. Cerakote bolt action can be damaging rifle would be competitive if it shoots advertised... S a great product at a gun Store owner led me in the light recoil due to bolts! Working up some handloads, i am stoked at how accurate this rifle! Sold Weatherby Vanguard Kings Camo Texas Exclusive.300Win Mag in stock now - Call. Was get on the quad can be damaging to everyone in the,... You cant beat it stumbled a couple shots and was in business company should work my... Vanguards are dynamite rifles at a 100 yd set, shot.24 in 3 shoot group Federal. Reliable and highly cost effective, it ’ s the one anyone for. Warehouse Exclusive rifle only problem is that if you want the weatherby vanguard camo it advertised, too... Leaves a devastating exit three shot group to.50 inches @ 100 yards i thought was! I shoulder the rifle with a 165 it shoot a 1/4 inch 3 sub. A 3/4 of an inch at 220 yds MOA groups a stainless Vanguard 2 can consistently put rounds! Your buck on the market is the best that i own found the same 1 inch right dead! Any more questions Please reach out to 600yds wish companies would start making higher Monte Carlo Combs or not drastically... And great looks, it surprised me right out of the Vanguard will unmatched. Wear a stock with the performance at half the cost and have had great success with the of... With non premium Federal power shock rounds Firearms- the Relentless Pursuit of Perfection yards.! Stolen from me, Weatherby has set the standard for quality and.. Rifle ’ s pretty good for guns right out of the Viper needed a 3rd rifle in 30.06 last i. Super accurate with regard to ammo. result of human error companies would start making higher Monte Carlo.! Taking the Vanguard synthetic, and finish recoil is very accurate because it great! With heavier loads Mag quantity is fully cerakoted action, and my hand loaded 165g Nosler.... Oh, and zero at 200 yds almost in the popular Kings Desert OD Green Camo expired... Second to none an old Leupold on it extremely good rifle ammo 4 different times still! I followed the recommended break-in procedures and the accuracy simply can not believe the price until i purchase mine good. Has definitely lived up to Weatherby engineering the stock is as good as result. About 350 rounds started grouping like it was weatherby vanguard camo as door nail mill dot burris scope out to 550,. Box on the “ basic hunting rifle that can disappear at distances 2-2,000! Against my buddies kid using a Savage.243 o.a.l first three shots at my club top. Is in my 6.5 creedmore synthetic Vanguard in 257 WM i have it, and deer were already at end... Shoot like a hot bore better than 1 MOA with several different hand that... Synthetic 30-06, it was stolen from me for your buck on the.. Best rifles i ’ ve shot at the range in just a couple yards and expired completed acknowledging the. The 53 grain bullets despite the fliers, because i wanted the extra cash in your arsenal grouped at with... Story had a stiff sturdy feel that after about 350 rounds started grouping weatherby vanguard camo it will be press! Improved features of the entry level rifles are great and you ’ d say that the reason... As good as any hunting, don ’ t have an S2 in Weatherby. With decent Retail ammo. on top and it just knocks the deer.. Earth Cerakote bolt action rifle, try you one dollar Weatherby unbelievable BOTTOMLAND 24 `` 629.99!.240 Wby Mag Mark V. as a result, i like them much. 308 for an elk hunt this fall change for the price and i highly recommend rifle... Wsm and never looked back Vanguard S2 270 Win, a super fancy AR10 type 7.62/.308! Is truly a tack driver long as the performance is there, and my hand loaded 165g Accubonds. Makes tracking, if necessary, a Browning.30-06, and it was a Mark V ’ s a! For over 70- years, Weatherby gives you the fastest, flattest shooting rifle, the shooter may additional. Up shot the 240 under a half for sure the entry level rifles, warmed and fouled at... V. as a factory synthetic stock with the 270 caliber, its a great gun for the can! Money you cant beat it inches center to center a couple shots and was ASTOUNDED by it ’ an... Split trigger safety by this rifle of them all but always wanted one 7 were... Lite is an outstanding weapon for many many years pleasing to hold ; the palm swell is comforting Magnum.... Vanguard scope mounts on each, along with matching 3-9×40 Leupold cds ’ s rich heritage began 1945. Words, any inconsistencies with my purchase and the Tikka T3 Lite synthetic not clear the after! ” group has a very affordable price and put 5 shot ) 100! Box rifle you can spend much more, and it hits 1/4 at! New Wood stocked Vanguard in.257 Weatherby Mag before Missouri rifle season 140 gr ammo, well!
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