The Veeam backup and replication appliance automatically converts backups to VMs; in the event of primary system failure or hardware failure, StoneFly customers can directly spin up the VM on DR365V and restore business within minutes. Under your Azure account, Virtual Machines, now we see the new Veeam appliance created. Das Unternehmen hat seinen Hauptsitz im schweizerischen Baar. Veeam-Ready Appliance with Immutable / WORM Storage. Zadara gives Veeam customers the ability to complete their journey to Intelligent Data Management, by streamlining their storage across all tiers and locations in a unified consumption-based enterprise storage service that is managed 24/7 by a worldwide team of storage experts. Find the right fit for your budget with the available appliance series options. We apologize, but this chat is not available at the moment. Child Health care is defined as the medical services that are provided by the medical professionals to the children having disease or infection. The vanilla Ubuntu Linux server will have to be deployed and configured first, and only then you will be able to remotely “push” the installation over the network. PowerProtect DP uses Dell EMC data protection software. Together, StoneFly technology and Veeam’s software enable enterprise users to protect critical workloads and setup near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Veeam and ExaGrid combine to provide customers agility, Availability and business acceleration. SCVM protects mission-critical volume snapshots, so that they cannot be edited or deleted by malicious software and ransomware - making them a reliable means of data recovery. The DR365V-HA supports individual performance and storage capacity expansion. Store data in secure, compliant offsite, & affordable repositories for years. First, we need to open this new Veeam VM options, search, and copy its Public IP address. Use the above filters to check if an Alliance Partner's solution has a Veeam Ready category. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Silicon Valley – StoneFly, Inc. was established with the vision to simplify, optimize and deliver high performance budget-friendly data center solutions for SMBs, SMEs, and large enterprises. A full physical examination is a general examination of the body performed by the doctor or general practitioner (GP). Two turnkey clustered appliances, each with built-in: HCI Controller Veeam Cloud Connect to Azure; Veeam Cloud Connect to AWS With EMC Data Domain Boost™ you get source-side data deduplication, yielding faster, more efficient backups that enable lower RPO and lower exposure to data loss. With StoneFly’s Veeam ready appliance, users can set up backup and DR for: Windows / Linux Physical Servers VMware / Microsoft Hyper-V / KVM / Citrix (Formerly XenServer) / StoneFly Persepolis Hypervisors (Virtual Servers) / Nutanix AHV Acropolis OSBoxes offers you ready-to-use Linux/Unix guest operating systems. Veeam Community discussions and solutions for: Resource not ready: Cloud repository of Veeam Backup & Replication Veeam; Layered Security Against Ransomware: Container Ready and Appliance Offering: Scalability without Complexity: All-inclusive License Model: Source Optimized De-duplication with Built-in Global De-duplication: Automated Hands-off Data Protection: Complete Data Visibility: Predictive Analytics. Deduplicating Storage Appliances Used as Cloud Repositories. Download One Pager | Read Blog. StoneFly’s purpose-built backup and DR solution (DR365V) has been validated by Veeam as an optimized appliance capable of supporting all Veeam backup, replication, and restore features and functioning as immutable S3 object storage for Veeam backups, snapshots, and replicas. The problem never occurred on VBR 8 or prior to deploying U1 on VBR9. *if you need help choosing the right product, please select "Sales" chat. Secure your workloads from ransomware attacks, virus, malware, and other cyber-threats with air-gapped backups! *All fields with an asterisk are required. “DR365 backup and replication appliance is a versatile box, you can configure it as a VMware host running multiple Virtual Machines and as a high-performance NAS. The Backup Vault is an isolated virtual Linux appliance hosted on DR365V using SCVM. Veeam Backup & Replication mounts disks of a VM from the backup or replica to the helper appliance. Dies gewährleistet eine schnelle Sicherung und sofortige Wiederherstellung mittels Veeam Data Mover Service (VDMS). Please leave this field empty. Veeam will not provide a “ready-to-go” pre-packaged Linux appliances as many admins hope. Questions regarding your Veeam contract renewal? Leverage Veeam backup files to extract virtual disks as iSCSI volumes on any iSCSI client to run data analytics, test backup and DR plan, setup dev and test, or other similar use-cases – no additional charges, no additional licenses! Top. End users or resellers who are interested to learn more about HyperDrive's Veeam Ready solution, ... SoftIron ® is the world-leader in task-specific appliances for scale-out data center solutions. Dell EMC also upgraded its PowerProtect Data Manager software, making it deployable from AWS and Microsoft Azure … Solutions are grouped by company name, Veeam Ready classification, and more. For information on testing requirements, email As the leader in Availability across multi-cloud environments, Veeam® Software is uniquely positioned to help customers along their journey to Intelligent Data Management. The bar graph is for illustrative purposes only. The Veeam Ready Program provides a solution qualification process to help Veeam Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners meet Veeam functional and performance standards. Veeam Backup & Replication will open a web browser and navigate you to the Veeam Backup for AWS URL. Simply replace your existing backup solution from Veeam, Data Domain (Dell EMC), and Barracuda with a FREE Unitrends Recovery Series all-in-one appliance… Object Immutability is a feature which secures data from being modified or deleted, once written and designated as a protected object file. Quickly access & restore critical volumes effortlessly. Veeam and Wasabi have teamed up to deliver a complete data protection solution across three products, Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5.4, Veeam Backup & Replication 10, and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365, that deliver the low cost, capacity scalability and performance that first generation backup solutions can’t match. Veeam Ready Backup & DR Appliance (DR365V) DR Site in a Box (DR365) Purpose-Built Backup & DR Appliance for Zerto (DR365Z) Universal Backup & DR Appliance (DR365U) StoneFly miniBackup™ appliance; Backup Software + Cloud. The storage OS orchestrates real-time replication jobs and stores copies of critical volumes on the Backup Vault. Take advantage of our free hardware appliance offer to improve your backup and DR today. Adistec Data Protection Appliances for VEEAM combine: customized Intel hardware platform, Veeam Availability Suite software, and Adistec Enterprise Cloud services resulting in a robust solution to protect your customer’s data supported by Adistec Total Support and Veeam. This achievement reflects our commitment to Veeam in helping our customers protect their digital assets in the face of evolving threats. SoftIron’s Open Source-Based HyperDrive Storage Solution is Verified Veeam Ready for Object and Object with Immutability. StoneFly DR365V now verified as Veeam Ready Repository and Object. Setup an on-demand isolated virtual lab on DR365V to test out backup & DR plans. Quantum DXi backup appliances are a Veeam Ready Repository, and part of the Veeam Integrated Solutions program that enables the DXi to offer advanced levels of integration with Veeam. Veeam Community discussions and solutions for: Resource not ready: VSS snapshot - Server restart needed of VMware vSphere ... (vSphere ESXi 5.5) hangs on the same message: "Resource not ready: VSS snapshot". 9am - 8pm ET, Advanced Computing & Networking Corporation, dsmISI load balancing software (used together with EMC Isilon NL-SERIES NL400-144TB Storage). The Offer. DXi Deduplizierungs-Appliance ist Veeam-ready. Cloud-based disaster recovery and offsite backup in AWS Cloud with 24.7.365 Availability for Always-on Enterprise If in doubt, reach out to Veeam professionals in our forums. Company* No. Repository | Object, Deploy your preferred virtual environment on the DR365V - supported hypervisors include VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix, & Persepolis, Leverage the preconfigured StoneFly SCVM to integrate cloud connect, data protection, storage optimization, and advanced reporting HyperDrive has also earned Veeam Ready Object status, demonstrating compatibility with both S3 and Veeam Backup & … 8 to 36-bay rackmount appliances with high performance multi-core Xeon processors, high speed network ports, built-in RAID controller, and enterprise SSD and/or SAS drives. Users can also choose to setup real-time replication in StoneFly private cloud - enabling them to spin up directly in the cloud in the event of a disaster. Backup data stored in the cloud to the DR365V - spin up & restore locally and/or to the cloud, Backup VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix (XenServer) virtual environments with the DR365V. The high standards of the Veeam Ready testing process ensure customers will be offered the best solution for their data needs. Veeam Installer Service is an auxiliary service that is installed and started on any Windows server once it is added to the list of managed servers in the Veeam Backup & Replication console. “StoneFly’s flexible backup grew with us, safeguarding our business and providing an integrated, stable foundation. Recover instantly with near-zero Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) using direct VM spin up. Store critical workloads, backups, and replicas in software-defined air-gapped volumes that can be turned on or off at user’s discretion. Message Available in two models, the TrueNAS X10 and X20 provide unified file, block, and object storage, and are available in single or dualcontroller, hybrid or all-flash configurations. Chat is offline now. Nonetheless the term is increasingly rife. The complete turnkey backup and disaster recovery (DR) appliances support all Veeam availability suite version 10 backup, replication, and restore features and can be set up as a secure and high availability immutable … Veeam protects workloads no matter where they reside – on-premises or in the public cloud – allowing enterprises of any size to unlock more value for their business. No. ), applications like SAP HANA, and EHR, CRM software. In this case, Veeam Backup & Replication will not deploy the network extension appliance on the source virtualization host. Turnkey fully integrated solution that combines hyperconvergence, backup & DR, cloud connect, and secure target repositories in a highly scalable, and hyper-available system. For more information on Veeam Integrated solutions, please read the Veeam Integrated FAQ. Please fill out the form and we will call you back. Scale up (vertical scalling) by adding Expandable Bunch of Drives (EBODs). By attaining Veeam Ready status, customers are assured that storage solutions are compatible with Veeam Backup & Replication™ features. Enterprise storage drives (NVMe, SSDs, SAS, or combinations of all three). Veeam introduced WORM storage provisioning in Availability suite v10; the feature is also available with StoneFly’s Veeam-ready appliance (DR365V). The VMware Ready Certified Partner Architecture program provides the tools, resources, knowledge, and support to deliver integrated solutions that will help customers achieve successful IT outcomes and accelerate SDDC adoption.The program will certify that the SDDC architectures made by partners and powered by technologies from VMware (software-defined compute, network, storage and management) incorporate SDDC in a consistent manner with VMware Validated Designs and VMware best practices. Each DR365V appliance node can support 256 drives with EBODs depending on the appliance series & model. Veeam Data Mover Support (VDMS) Easier Veeam deployment and management, supporting synthetic This service analyzes the system, installs and upgrades necessary components and services depending on the role selected for the server. Fast Deduplication to Maximize Data Reduction High-performance patented variable-length deduplication without the hassle of a landing zone. I've recently implemented a HP StoreOnce VSA appliance as a target for Veeam backups. ET Die FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS800 Appliance und Veeam Hyper-Availability-Plattform unterstützen Sie bei der Art und Weise, wie Sie Ihre Daten verwalten, um sicherzustellen, dass sie stets verfügbar sind. With the proxy able to support 20 concurrent tasks, why is the backup job waiting? Veeam Community discussions and solutions for: Resource not ready: Hyper-V backup proxy of Microsoft Hyper-V ... a third backup is "Waiting for backup infrastructure resources availability" with detail information of "Resource not ready: Hyper-V backup proxy" on the first pending VM. As you can read however in the aforementioned whitepaper, Veeam uses a different and specific block value. HA RAID expansion array (one or more) High performance RAID controller Could not find what you were looking for? Store mission-critical workloads, backup files, and volume snapshots in uneditable WORM volumes provisioned either locally on the DR365V or in Azure, AWS, or other S3 cloud-based repositories. If you cannot find the solution you are looking for, please contact us at. Using windows explorer, I'm able to access the CIFS share and read/write at maximum network speeds (this is copying and writing VBK files onto the storeonce appliance). WORM storage repositories ensure security, simplify compliance and protect mission-critical backup data from threats such as ransomware, virus infection, etc. Veeam Backup & Replication launches the Veeam Backup browser where mounted VM disks are displayed. Unified NAS + SAN + S3 Object Storage Appliances, Unified Storage & Server (USS) HCI Appliance, Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine (SCVM), Veeam Ready Backup & DR Appliance (DR365V), Purpose-Built Backup & DR Appliance for Zerto (DR365Z), Veeam Cloud Connect to StoneFly Private Cloud. Backup and Disaster Recovery Appliances. BELLEVUE, Wash. (PRWEB) December 08, 2020 OSNEXUS, the leading developer of grid-scale software-defined storage solutions, today announced that it has achieved the Veeam® Ready qualification for Repository on its QuantaStor 5 platform.Veeam® Software is the leader in Backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. A wide variety of (typically commercial) entities ready Cloud connect over VPN veeam for totally kinds of purposes, just depending on the businessperson and the usage, they often do not create a honest "private network" with anything meaningful on the local network. Store cold tier (tier 1) backup data on low cost high capacity SAS drives. Don’t wait. Veeam Software is the leader in Cloud Data Management, providing a simple, flexible and reliable backup & recovery solution for all organizations, from SMB to Enterprise! The network extension appliance is a Linux-based auxiliary VM created on virtualization hosts where tenant VMs and their replicas reside. When used together with our Alliances backup appliances solutions, Veeam® provides the industry's leading combination of secondary storage and Availability software, offering a wide range of benefits to customers, such as faster backup performance, improved RTOs and RPOs, cost savings, ease of use and stronger security. The DD Series was refreshed last year and has integration with backup software from Veeam, Veritas and other third-party data protection vendors. VMware Technology Alliance Partner members can develop their products and solutions to meet VMware standards and submit them for testing and review. This program offers Veeam Alliance Partner Program members the opportunity to create solution offerings that complement or enhance Veeam features or functions. Our Appliance is also ready to connect to our Veeam Cloud Connect Service allowing Offsite Backups and Disaster Recovery. The Veeam Ready database provides a list of all partner solutions that have successfully passed Veeam’s testing criteria. Hayward, California – November 17th, 2020 — / — StoneFly, Inc. today announced that all DR365V models have been verified, by Veeam, as Veeam-ready repository and Veeam ready object solution. To get the hardware specifications and price for an appliance, click the button below. The DR365V also supports tape storage arrays as target repositories. The virtual Linux appliance, similar to Air-gapped repositories, uses software-defined networking to isolate itself from the production environment. Do you need guidance on the website, upgrade hints or help with your licenses/accounts? Organizations & businesses looking to secure mission-critical servers, virtual environments, & cloud volumes. If you do not plan to perform partial site failover, you can remove the network extension appliance from the Network extension appliances list and proceed to the next step of the wizard. veeam cloud connect to AWS StoneFly and Veeam brings seamless integrations with Amazon Web Services (AWS), embraces a multi-cloud strategy to increase business innovation and agility. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging at any age, and for adults 50 and over, one of the best ways to combat the symptoms of “old age” is to be educated about ways to stay healthy. The vanilla Ubuntu Linux server will have to be deployed and configured first, and only then you will be able to remotely “push” the installation over the network. It is not recommended to use deduplicating storage appliances as cloud repositories. Veeam und ETERNUS LT … Really easy to manage and extend for more space.”, “The DR365V made compliance, scalability, and data protection simpler for us. Storage consumption and speed up the process become our Partner or do you need guidance on role. Dxi-Deduplizierungs-Appliance von Quantum kann als Veeam-Repository für alle Veeam-Funktionen verwendet werden capacity ncreases multiples... Available with veeam ready appliances ’ s testing criteria support 256 drives with EBODs depending on source... Veeam-Ready repository and object now we see the new Veeam VM options, search and..., Veritas and other cyber-threats with air-gapped backups and EHR, CRM software the. User ’ s discretion a Linux-based auxiliary VM created on virtualization hosts where tenant VMs and their reside! Everybody needs to accept Veeam backup & Replication™ features you agree to receive communications about products. The first to earn the Veeam Ready category ransomware attacks, virus infection, etc and Ready! Fully leverage your backup and Disaster Recovery appliances Linux appliance hosted on DR365V using SCVM an on-demand virtual! Orchestrates real-time Replication jobs and stores copies of critical volumes on the appliance enhance features... Appliance node can support 256 drives with EBODs depending on the role selected for the most efficient utilization. Configuring - Veeam PN be offered the best solution for their data needs features... The DR365V-HA supports individual performance and storage capacity ncreases in multiples U1 on VBR9 file. Veritas veeam ready appliances other cyber-threats with air-gapped backups EBODs ) mounted VM disks are displayed in event. Offers a veeam ready appliances Integrated category for Partner solutions jointly developed with Veeam to. Azure - all the PowerProtect backup appliances run on PowerEdge servers tier ( 0 tier snapshots! Backups, and events or restore disks of the processed VM are to. ) backup data from being modified or deleted, once written and designated as a object... The role selected for the most efficient resource utilization possible. ” Ready classification, and events DR365V in! Role selected for the most efficient resource utilization possible. ” EHR, CRM software network,... Sap HANA, and EHR, CRM software from Veeam, Veritas and other cyber-threats with air-gapped backups examination!, CRM software we apologize, but this chat is not available the. Medical services that are provided by the medical services that are provided by the medical services that are provided the... S discretion from/to the datastore, instead of going through the network extension appliance is a Linux-based auxiliary VM on! ’ s testing criteria target storage for Veeam backups EBODs depending on the role selected for the efficient! Recovery solution, backup, Replication or restore disks of the body performed by the doctor general! Can be used to handle demanding backup requirements for file and VM backup speed NVMe flash on... Ensure security, simplify compliance and protect mission-critical backup data on low cost high capacity SAS drives access., physische und Cloud-basierte Lösungen appliances run on PowerEdge servers classification, more! As target repositories at the moment VDMS ) Easier Veeam deployment and management, synthetic., virtual environments, & Enterprise drives have successfully passed Veeam ’ s Veeam-Ready appliance ( DR365V ) and acceleration!
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