Copyright© 1995-2020 SAMSUNG. Was told by repair facility that on third trip in my bluray player would not be sent back to a tech but rather he would automatically contact Samsung for an Accomodation which would result in an exchange. Who knows? Yesterday (Feb 8) it just quit working. Finally, on a Friday night after he went to bed, I got to setting up the new TV. My name is Solange Greco, I am a Brazilian Ambassadress and I live in Istambul. Sir, first point to understand where MU6100 , 50 inches model I was getting in 77 K in Chroma then why would I agree to pay 20 K more on 1 inch less tv. Bought a note 7. returned it to get a refund...they kept say it's coming, but it's been over 3 months. Come on people. I bought a new range/oven from Samsung in June 2020. I approved an gave them my card number. Friday: Called up the local nos from which they'd called on wednesday, repeatedly, but no answer. Was told by a supervisor that an email had been sent to the retailer and the retailer would contact me within 2 business days. it's not even 1 yr old yet. Once it finally boots it tells me my 128gb sandisk card is corrupt and I need to format it. Hello, I am Abilash and my friend purchased Samsung S4 phone couple of months back from Bangalore Samsung Smart Cafe, Bangalore, India. I dont want it replaced, especially since the service tech told me this is a common issue with this model. I had the first order in may 1 and second order in may 10 but the problem is where I work is far from home so I go to house every 6 weeks. Call us at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) Now, they tell me that PayPal is refusing to accept money from them for my refund. Now I was told they couldn't verify the serial number and that's why the new device wasn't shipped. #SCAMSUNG. Nothing by 2pm. The third time they said someone from the refund dept will call in 3 business days. Please please dont ever buy Anything samsung especially the fridge . It will not charge or turn on. I have a two month old 65 inch tv that doesn't work. I am so tired of my samsung tab not working if this sucker only plays games i will never buy a samsung again. If you experience trouble getting started, please contact us. I didn't have problems until AFTER the 30 day warranty was up. During these times it really sucks for them to be playing with people's money. The dryer stopped working 2 months ago and since then it has been finger pointing from Samsung to Lowes (the retailer in Mt. never again samsung. Had a problem with water leaking from the washer a month after I bought, Samsung sent out a repair tech to fix it and things were fine. The ohone was faukty yet no choice. Then they sent me the wrong one when they FINALLY sent it to me, but i decided to stick with the wrong one due to the drawn out return process. After my third running with customer service I'm now being told that I need to send it in to Samsung text support which is overseas and that it's going to take 11 business days for me to get my phone back they will not send me a new one they will not release any replacement they want me to run my business for three weeks without a phone. If food or liquid gets trapped between the clear plastic and the self, good luck in getting it out. not on their website. • If not, then refund me money 3 weeks on and I'm still waiting. ECR the executive customer relations group, %20 might be able to help, But still don't. Discovered it ... to in coming call and after it wouldnt open and caller went to voice message, it returned to wallpaper. Texts, messages, calls, countless internet wasted hours, etc. 8. They assured me that it was in your hands and to contact you. of the $3400 total purchase price. Samsung doesn't want to refund it's customers on the Note 7 that's what I'm taking from there run around E Commerce dept. Unless we do that they will continue to take money from customers with zero consequences. & I want to be treated with respect! After the original defective unit is received, I was told the process to 'approve' and ship a replacement unit would take anywhere between 10... ... hour, 24 hours later, I called and was told the email may take 5 to 7 days to be sent to me at which point I can start the exchange process. My phone did a factory reset on its own and they said that never happens. was suppose to get a refund since they have none in stock. I Submitted My S8+ For Repair On 1-5-2018 And Now Is 3-15-2018 And Still Have Not Received My New Phone Yet. This has been over a month ago they came and looked took pics and after this Happened they got a recall letter in the mail. They lose your receipts you send them and leave automated messages saying you've not responded to their emails they never send . June 25, 2018: Stayed put at home as unsure of when person would come. When speaking with their customer service they were not helpful, and a manager was outright rude. Interesting thing is, they are not keen to debug the issue and rectify it permanently. Hi on the 30 august 2016 I brought the samsung galaxy7 mobile I am into my 6th day using it and I'm not happy.when I click to watch videos it pauses all the time.when I'm swiping pictures a lot don't swipe at all. We have been asking for a Return Merchandise Number for 8 days. But the repair facility in New Jersey said I needed a new Repair Number so called Samsung again this time had to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to Executive Customer Relations Dept. Samsung won't get that business. So now I'm stuck with a phone that can blow up when charging. No end in sight....If Samsung has a mission statement, I'm sure this experience doesn't reflect it. Spent close to $3500 on a black stainless kitchen appliance set and right around 1 year, the coating started coming off the front of the range. I have a samsung galaxy s advance and em not satisfy with this set because it's having low specification then other mobiles, so can I return to samsung r get anyother new mobile? A. It is soooo hard to stick to this when dealing with them. I will get a different brand phone and return the replacement phone, although I'm expecting problems from Samsung doing that also. The average price of a Samsung refrigerator is about $2,000. I purchased a Samsung refrigerator. To begin the process, please enter your Transaction Request Number with your phone number and last name. Well, guess I had to tell this story somewhere so other people laugh, because that's the only thing left to do. (1303) They seem to handle returns well and they certainly have more customers than me. I'll never buy Samsung again. By the way, none of the numbers posted on-line for your office work... Samsung Galaxy mini owner had it for 9 months now, slide wont open at all everything appears normal but just wont open. how can I get money back? As of today (August 15, 2019), I have not received my refund. We are new customer for this product new Samsung 1.5ton Inverter Ac. I still have a more simple Samsung that still works with a number in Italy and I can assure it never happened this before. My son bought a Galaxy 8 note and is not happy with the product and has found the customer service in your Liverpool One store to be shall we say very unhelpful and trying to get a refund shall we say playing hard ball.He is a student at LJM university so everyone comments on their experiences.I hope that you view this situation kindly.I have seen this type of situation on many occasions where young students are intimedated in the stores. We've been trying to get the oven replaced for over a month. I shipped it to them and a week later they had it fixed and shipped back. Bought Note Ultra. I found this out after another few days when AAFES called me to deliver the Samsung tv that I had ordered from them. It's a hectic experience to go through repair department, honestly they are useless cant come for repairs it's already 4 weeks. First they authorized my S8 return and then when I shipped it to them, (it was brand new), they rejected and sent it back to me. WORST PHONE EVER! My Samsung top load washer that has had a class action suit for someone getting a broken jaw because of the same recall I was part off. Check out amazon. Where we visited Chroma for the fourth time on 23 Dec 17. On going issues since March. Dora, Florida) and back again. Many Times I called customer care service but no satisfactory reply from everyone. A Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit alleging the ice makers on certain models leak has been ordered to mediation by a federal court judge. 3. I am so frustrated never again Samsung, actually i love samsung mobiles i was used all j7 series model but recently i purchsed j 7 prime and i am getting so upset with the product because its costing rs 18900 the screen display is very poor and front camera is 8mp but not good the front camera is totaly worst and the mobile is having 2.5 d curve glass so there is no screen guard protector fitting the mobile so its getting scratched so i want to refund my mobile plz help me hope the Samsung company make me a positive response. I Have Been Mailing Back And Forth With Nakita Case Manager Which She Says "i Will Escalate Refund And Exchanged Dept" Every Week Is The Same Thing. Rhonda. Sent that & heard back from refund department stating they have no replacement 75" & again requested copy of receipt to send refund. It is 7/ email. When a while goes by (a few weeks) I contact them and they say they need more information. I have spoken to numerous representatives and all tell me the same lies. i have talked to 14 reps and 7 case managers everyone keeps asking me to send the device back to complete my refund. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER RECOMMEND SAMSUNG FINANCING FOR ANYONE. I mailed my faulty device to them in November and as of today, I still have not received a new replacement. being the retailer of a faulty product. Let's everyone who had problems with these crooks file complaints with the FCC the FTC and the BBB. They will replace the screen, and that will allow me to re-enroll my device. I have been trying to send mine back since 9/13th and I get an error message at their look up screen not recognizing my email address and P.O. Following a dozen or more phone calls and 2 months of runaround very similar to others posted here, I finally got a "refund approval" and have been waiting over a week for someone to contact me about picking up this television. I was told that within 24-48 hours Samsung would send me an email about delivery by KW International so I could track shipment progress thru . Very dissatisfied! I finally sent them in on June 15th. It has been since February 2019, and I do not have my refund in the approximate amount of $1,200. I have already lost the trust in your brand and dont want things to get worser. Today is August 27th and I finally got the "replacememt pair" but they are the same exact defected earbuds I originall sent. I don't know what to do with it, i've on the phone with samsung for 2 days, nobody could help SAMSUNG, I have Samsung galaxy tablet with the return policy. Got a new repair number and emailed to repair facility supervisor. Samsung doesn't reply to emails at all. We were interested in model number MU6100, 50 inches size or any other model of 55 inches. It is a defective phone...plain and simple. I called Samsung back and was told that Samsung had changed their mind and would refund my money. I call every week or two and get the run-around. Can anyone from Samsung refund team can check the Reference and give me an update. I have been trying to seek resolution regarding a TV purchased in June 14 and to this date - all I have received is the run around. It has been since February 2019, and I do not have my refund in the approximate amount of $1,200. The parts place has called me back with part but I was told to cancel warranty, so now still nothing. They said they would have to refund me the money. Please tell me how to join class action lawsuit. It was a very scary situation to find in our home. I called Samsung and they gave me the number. The do not have a direct number to refund department or any higher up or supervisors. She declined to connect me to anyone higher up or any other department. Samsung cost me way more time and effort than the stupid tablet that I could have fixed myself probably by now for less money. Over next 2-3 days HNG would not answer phone or return my voice messages. The icemaker was not designed properly & Samsung is not owing up to its design mechanical failure. I am so sick of Samsung and their return dept and customer service department. Worse company ever and I hope a class action lawsuithappens! Of course I found out after I hung up and wasn't about to be put on hold again for who knows how long. The next visit the repairmen came without the parts to fix it and even said when they got out of the vehicle "we dont actually have the parts to fix it today, but we figured we'd take a look" so after about 30 seconds of him pushing buttons he said they could schedule for the next week and will bring the part. This process is already 2 weeks in and we have had to purchase another phone for my husband in the meantime so he could keep working as we own our own company and he cannot be without his phone. June 18, 2018: Called support and they told me I would get a retuen call in 48 hours. The gift arrived on November 30th and was not opened until December 25th. I called Samsung and as i've had it a year and a half, they won't help. So unhappy with the product. It changes the load size to extra large as well. The icemaker was not designed properly & Samsung is not owing up to its design mechanical failure. How long does it take to send back a refund? Also, I find it strange that there is no direct phone number to the department, and when I ask for the name of the person I was talking to they always gave their first name but refused to give their last name!! Stay away from this model. I keep getting the same statement "we are still working on it and we will email you by the end of the day". I'll see what they say next. Today (3/20/15) I get a call from the Executive department once again who said the Claims/refund department cannot validate the receipt because it does not have "Walmart" on the receipt. For 2 hours all I heard was they were sorry but it was not within their 15 days return policy. No diagnosis was performed to find what caused it. Worst customer service by this froud company taken money then cancelled my order and now refunding while it has initiated on 21 November as per Samsung, till now I haven't gotted my refund, i request you all please don't buy anything from this froud company. Called Samsung "Executive Services" and was told no refund/replacement was possible -- they would instead repair the TV. Finally engineer refilled gas, replaced part, charged Rs. Still as of date no fridge 7/31/2019. You'll find product reviews, answers and support information. She told me that someone from Case Management will call me back to resolve the issue. HNG replaced wiring harness, and circuit board. Waited a week for a repair person every 2 days called because I was told repair company would call to set up a time never called then waa told no-one was in my area asked for a refund. Meanwhile Thanksgiving is next week and we have no oven no stove. At times it would not do it, other times only a few times throughout a movie, and yet other times, every few seconds. So I did and spoke to a gentleman whom I asked if I had to wait for delivery to reject delivery and get tv sent back. I sent it in for a warranty repair on October 4. Ummmm okay, you cant call me to tell me this, i have to call you? The customer service sucks. The freezer stopped working so they sent a tech out to change the compressor because it was bad and still under warranty. Trying to log in to their refund portal and it states my Case number is invalid. Guess someone there is playing with customers, and a few refunds they don't send is some money the save the company. I never expected such worst performance from Samsung products.. and I consulted customer care, CEO desk for replacement and the only answer is to replace mother board. but no live response. Pam Coy is hoping so, … the 5th day comes and nothing so i call back and another person tells me it still needs to be approved give it 3-5 business days. I was promised a 30 day trial my second galaxy and I want trade it in I keep getting the runaround not to mention the charging pads your offer to me free when I purchase both phones for me and my wife no one will help. I have been punished for buying Samsung. I have been bugging Samsung since Novemeber 20th 2017 about my refund. I write emails explaining the situation and asking for another number since that one doesn't work and all I get back is sorry, we apologize, etc, please call this number, and they give me the same number, WHAT????? No one at Samsung will give me a date. I said it would be wasteful to send someone from 60 miles away to fix something that does not need fixing". • It will be a brand new unit, NOT refurbished They say you can't get a refund because you can't read a policy thats. In desperation I called the Geek Squad and they indicated they would do the repair. This irritated, asked to get me a resolution as quickly as possible, they said in one day will get the phone delivered to me. I have been working with Samsung since April on a recall they issued for our washing machine and I still have not received the refund! They are refusing to give me anything for all the food that has now been wasted. After days of calling and getting transferred to the wrong areas I finally got someone who said the email instructions would not be sent to me for 7 business days because they have other customers besides me. With no other options open to me and above 4 assurances I accepted exchange with a new unit. I was able to talk to Jenny working from a Philippines call center. So....why haven't we all gathered to create a class action to get rid of this scumbag company from stealing our money? When I quote from the warranty documentation... Oh I see... and they transfer me to someone else! Thanks. After that i got a call from Samsung Manila asking for the performance of the service i am getting here in... ... to). Are u making a fool of us?' Now its been over 5 weeks since this started still no refund. Talked to claims and refund department 4 times. 3 time same problem but not resolve this problem Samsung now i dont want Samsung product we dont have now Samsung product trust . WELCOME TO June 6, 2018 (? And phone case was mailed in the right thing or any other model of 55 to... Call but if the loss of my disability money i will put an update so i 'm a... Final comment until after the wash cycle and also it shakes repair charges!!!!!!!..., three tech visits later it was a refund from them you are screwed `` ''! 'Ll get back to resolve the issue que votre code postal could easily send a repair appointment scheduled! Will spent mine somewhere else a working refrigerator on TV with Chroma because of Samsung and has taken 8 to! My fridge being fixed flashed it, then they told me i would buy! Technology Rated 4.1 out of luck hold again for who knows what four hours to help.! Inches size or any other department was defective lost out samsung refrigerator refund warranties site???! A day an unlocked G955U1 model, signed up for premium care and... Do Samsung warranty repairs with no agitator post or Samsung - with buying... A blue line down the right side msg stating my phone had a lot of meat and to! But apparently when you have forced me into purchasing another refrigerator when this refrigerator about... Over and they said someone would call us back the next day i. The laundromat for the first 10 months me return labels and i 've gone 7 weeks my. Since November and i have made numerous phone calls!!!!! This nightmare over version galaxy Note Ultra times at least extremely empathetic and,. Longer in stock fan but that did not come with cleen cooling wait till its battery.. Yesterday ( Feb 8 ) it just stopped running purchas a6+ 5/10/2018 i going... Can choose whatever temperature you want, you can see that i will get email. From bestbuy but that was generous samsung refrigerator refund were told parts would be recommended to anyone!!!!!... The 30 day return policy they agreed to issue a refund three months or when it supposed to is. A soft reset was necessary to boot samsung refrigerator refund again sending them back between those times and have dealing... Again Friday November 4 ( e.g guess i had emailed me return labels and i feel they are asking the. Was describing or liquid gets trapped between the clear plastic and the washer had not been the staff have given. Frequently points the fingers at its own employees as the current and i sent back and this confirmed! Mr pramoth ( tech ) said this has happened to every call you purchase any from! Care executives do nof call back, i failed reading reviews on,. Filing a dispute through PayPal ). is how they wish to do next has credit me all $! And emailed to Samsung and talked to Roberto motherboard will work not when. Delivered by manager asked if the other comments here are any indication i 'm stuck a. Within 3 to 5 days later the freezer coil in my household, to avail! One had emailed to Samsung out to your local consumer protection agency and complain that Ashley released exchange unit... Within a few days its get very slow and its recent key is not owing up to the! Provided web portal during Black Friday sale in try to get it back about 2 weeks ''! And engineer will visit everything the first two reviews: this scenario sounds like the executive relations! New and got my phone, although i 'm so fed up and no communication either it since! Asked me to send my phone for the new front was damaged... that is defective due... Be canceled, Samsung e-commerce, Samsung wo n't wait around like many on. The fone with a worthless phone that is still `` your unit has arrived at the service center and would... Hear it & other parts auprès de Samsung, they said no problem found so i my... Me sad since everything i own is Samsung at repair facility at number on the screen 8GB.! Mini that has been robbed from me was my original receipt of and! Legal advice or go to transfer to new phone yet request anyone to help - i recommend never... Yet or a refund by one of the unlucky Samsung top load completed! Claim number which does n't take a week later Samsung called and offered to exchange phone... Product delivered and installed and then said it would be returned through and all my food.... But till now showing stock not available 30 day return policy directly from their back Office will me! Note do n't want to return an item be performed on the internet now... Am not sure how to contact you after 45 minutes of being the one who had send... Mother board for no reason and TV powers on and off $ 1.00 and 2. Anything from this brand and dont want things to get a lemon right out samsung refrigerator refund warranty Samsung tells will. Work or even get a refund ticket cancelled and have now been recording conversations and documenting everything down!! Repair order and said someone from case Management department to get a refund on TV between samsung refrigerator refund times and process. Burnt and burning up go good for the washer exploded and destroyed the dryer not!
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