but I thought it would be interesting to hear some other names that are different or down right adorable. Best Chicken Names. We have the chicken breeds that are for meat. You can go for funny chicken names or funny rooster names, or you can opt for more classic monikers. Eggs. Young female cattle that have not yet given birth to a calf are referred to as heifers. One of the major differences between male and female chicks is that the down feathers of the former are of uniform length, while the female's vary in length. Pets By Type. They come to my wife when called by name. They are native to India. Animals. FunPetNames.com offers many Chicken pet names to choose from when naming your own pet. Chicken names: Original 12 Omelet, Oven Stuffer and twin Roaster, Meat Stick, Chicken Nugget, BBW, Teriyaki, Bailey, Parmesan, Fajita, Crispy, and Extra Crispy Next 6 were supposed to be Ameraucana poulets, they were not: North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Maui, Alaska, and Delaware. Pet Name Generator. Share This Image On Your Site Punny Chicken Names. I prefer weird names for … Raising Chicken .. The female chicks have a dark brown stripe, whereas the male chicks have a much paler and less distinct brown stripe. What about Potpie, Sweet pea, Olive, Ginger, Tilly, Ruby, Dolly (of course), Dusty, Rocky, Edna, Big Bird, Sunny, Harry Potter, Dottie, Amber, Henny Penny, Mary Poopins, Rose and Charlotte? You may also rate the pet names that you like dislike most. Both male and female chickens are used to produce chicken meat. You can sort these Chicken pet names by gender and you can view their full meanings by clicking on the name. Most people can tell if a chick is a pullet or a cockerel by three months of age. 7. Point-of-lay Pullet: A young female, just about to lay, near 5 months old. But each chicken breed is known for a primary use. It is very important to know the male and female names of animals in English. Rock Cornish Game Hens — Despite its name, the Cornish game hen is not game but is a very young broiler chicken, slaughtered after 4 weeks, and weighing between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds. Even if your pets don't always get along, it can be fun to give them names that suggest they do. Movies. ADAMINA: Scottish feminine form of Hebrew Adam, meaning "earth" or "red. Feel free to browse all our Chicken pet names and add the ones you want to save for later to your own favorites list. @Chicken coop A chicken coop (or hen house) is a building where female chickens are kept. They are not extremely flighty, but do like to wander as they are extreme foragers. This list includes all kinds of cool, cute, and creative chicken names. An Araucana. Wikis. Long before she reached fame for her writing, Flannery O’Connor briefly gained international recognition–thanks to a chicken. After weaning, they are known as yearlings until they reach the age of 2. Choosing a Cluckin' Name. Aug 10, 2015 - So, you brought home your new little flock members and now you need to name them. After getting those 6 yes 6 roosters, we gave up. Unlike the case for the egg industry, where only hens are required to lay the eggs that are sold for human consumption, both male and female meat chickens can be and are grown for meat and are equally valued by the chicken meat industry. These names are short, one, two or three syllables at maximum and have a nice "ring" to them. They all work well with training commands. L. 7 years ago. The game hen is a hybrid chicken, a cross between a Cornish Game and a Plymouth or White Rock chicken. Keep scrolling if you'd like to see more from the categories below! Like other female birds, hens lay eggs. In domestic purpose people build Chicken coop for hen. We hand-picked some of the most popular names from a few categories. Better trained than a bloody dog. They also need a run or yard where they can exercise, take dust baths, eat and drink. TV Characters: Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sofia (Golden Girls); Lucy and … Female chickens less than one year old are often called pullets, while male chicks less than a year old are called cockerels.
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