Just a bot, that can be used for fun, moderation, and music. This bot is not a ripoff of Dank Memer and it DOES NOT have the same exact commands. List of items. Minecraft, Giveaway, Community 4. ONLINE. Welcome Images! A partnership program available to servers who actively use Dank Memer, where we bring our users to you! Dank Memer is a bot for Discord. Invite: https://discord.gg/ZUmjhJd - We have Rob and Heist DISABLED - 5 million in Daily heists and millions in daily giveaways - PREMIUM = faster cooldowns, WEEKLY/MONTHLY bonus coins, automemes - We do DAILY friendly heists - Cheap prices for dank memer items - Fun events with great rewards - Friendly community. VIEW. Memer is, without a doubt, one of the best Discord Bots. It acts like a moderator by welcoming members, kicking spammers, and tracking activities of users. We also have image generation, memes, and mini-games! Here are some example commands, automeme, enable/disable, kick, ban, lock, addtag, and more. ... You can now invite it. You can buy the premium for features like Autoplaying flag and mem music, Donor Role in … It has a huge collection of original memes which makes you laugh. Invite Bot. Dank Ripoff. We also have image generation, memes, and mini-games! Currency CommandsCurrency Command: pls help currency - Shows all lists o.dogs... Balancpls help balance - Shows your currency in your wallet and in your baalso type in "pls help balance @userhere" and then Dank Memer shows that user's balance. (Very true) Like, you won't feel like the bot is very similar to Dank Memer at all. You need administrator permissions on that server to add bots. 22.2k . Create beautiful welcome images for people that join your server to greet them! This provides an extra multi for betting. Rythm is a Discord music bot focused on one goal - to deliver the best music experience on Discord. A Fun bot like Dank Memer, a in development bot, not finished. Active fun community DAILY Nitro giveaways Dank Memer giveaways & heists 450+ emojisPremium Bots Mini Games, ev… Social, Pokemon, Global Emotes 3,578. Fancy Statistics. For most commands, all you need for bot permissions are Send Messages, Read Messages, and Embed Links.The primary invite link is here.. By default, Dank Memer's prefix is pls.Commands are run like pls meme, there must be a space!You are able to change the prefix with pls … We plan to make it better every updates, and improve features. ZeroTwo. Wie Sie einen Bot zu Ihrem Server hinzufügen, erfahren Sie hier. Rythm is always being updated and worked on to bring you even better quality and to suit your needs! in the topic of a channel.. There was a previous official Dank Memer server, but was converted into a full meme server upon the relocation. Dank Memer, Dank Memer Beta, OwO, Virtual Fisher, Mudae, PokéRealm, UNO, Taco Shack, and many more! ONLINE. Home Documentation Statistics Donate Invite. 2020-10-10 14:29:17 @stefouch The Discord bot Sebedius has an issue: it can't join any new server now. Register your account on Discord. Levels and XP. You can also generate your own memes. 583 Upvotes this month. 94 Upvotes Today. To manage your Discord server, you can invite bots that will help you with many tasks related to managing your server. Dank Memer has over 250 commands. VIEW. (48 bots and growing) Dank Memer: • Official Dank Memer partner server! Items are objects that can be useful you acquire by using particular commands. Home Search bots Compare Bots Bot Rankings Top Server Rankings Top Shard Rankings Monthly Vote Rankings Total Vote Rankings Auctions Auctions Timer Weekly Statistics User Overview API Documentation Libraries Contact Us Community Report an issue Support Us Patreon PayPal User Information Login. Invite Upvote GitHub Support Server. Dank Memer. Finally, Dank Memer offers a “currency system” that lets you earn coins in the server by … share and create memes and make friends for life here. Dank Memer is able to be added to any server by someone with Manage Server permissions on said server. To make these images appear, simply add !welcome! Gaming Servers Discord Servers based on all types of gaming. 157,931 Servers . XD Bot Eris 3 likes. For example, if you need a meme of an owl, just type “pls hootyboi” and a meme of an owl will appear. It is a feature-rich Bot. We made it systematic, secure and organized. Memes, image manipulation, and stupidity. Dank Memer is a bot that brings some great perks to your Discord server! Mithilfe eines Musikbots können Sie in Ihrem Discord-Channel Musik hören. In the future, we plan to do events were you can get more exp, rares items etc. NO … Meme Economy Global currency game with over 10m users, stealing, pets, unique items, and more! Join our Community Server. Unique Upvotes 432,494. Edit. i haven't broken any rules in the previous times. 11) Typical Bot. 16,346. Dank Memer. They automatically update, giving you a real one-time configuration process that you shouldn't have to use ever again. Restricted. Dank Memer Global … Dank Memer is the best Discord meme bot. You have to be logged in to upvote bots. We also have image generation, memes, View Invite. Keep track of your OwOs and compete in your server, globally, or against other servers! BOTTOM TEXT. 62,083 members 127 emotes A chill anime café with a friendly, welcoming community. Some are meant to be sold, others are meant to be consumed, some aren't consumed but used instead. The simple commands allow you to see the memes, even moderations, and configurations. | 171,206 members Pets, housing, items, profiles, badges, server & global economy & more! Join the Support Server. It is the oldest bot of discord and provides an interface to access it fast and quickly. If you love memes, then Dank Memer is for you. Tatsu. View Bot Invite Bot. You can make Yggdrasil show leave messages with !goodbye! Tags Fun | Economy | Meme. Setting Up. 18 Upvotes Today. Memers. Dank Memer. This subreddit is mainly for Dank Memer related memes, announcements, sharing experiences with other Dank Memer users. Galaxy discord.js 1 likes. Amari's XP and leveling system rewards the most active members in your server! We also have image generation, memes, ... Prefix pls. JOIN. Dank Memer is a multipurpose yet unique bot, made specifically with “memes” in mind. Invite Me Join Server. It offers more features than any other Discord bot dedicated to its purpose - delivering high quality music from multiple sources. We've got it all and more. Come u... View Bot Invite Bot. Thots. 0 0. | Global currency game with over 10m users, stealing, pets, unique items, and more! Dank Memer is a top notch Meme bot, music bot, currency bot, … We do everything that your average multipurpose bot does, but much better and with 100% more sass and memes. Amari's commands are created to be user friendly and easy to understand. It offers a series of bot commands that let you pull up the right meme in any conversation. 1,269,947 Fun Economy Discord-enabled games! The Dank Memer Support server was established in September 2018. I'm a fun goddess with NSFW commands, cleverbot, an economy with an idle game, memes and so much more! Then, the "Dank Memer" role is automatically assigned to Dank Memer in your server. Bank Robbing: pls bankrob (@userhere) - Bank robs someone, you … Library Eris. Make the bot say whatever you want with a bit of vapor, Shows the last edited message from a specified channel. Dank Memer is a very popular bot on Discord for posting images or playing currency system. Dank Memer. Dank Memer is also used to play music. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Dank Memer is a bot that brings some great perks to your Discord server! Embeds For Bot Invite Links Discord Png Image Transpa Free On Seekpng How To Add Bots Your Discord Server Discord Js V12 Bot Tutorial Meme Command Episode 6 You How To Add Bots In My Discord Server Android Quora Dank memer how to add dank memer bot your discord server you dank memer dank memer best discord meme bot steemhunt. Join. 1,376. Dank Memer/Commands < Dank Memer. Welcome to the funniest dankiest memeiest server on discord. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. View Bot Invite Bot. Member Count managing server stats with channel names in 375211 servers. Compare Bots Login. Reward your members by automatically assigning roles when they reach a certain level with access to exclusive channels and privileges. Invite Dank Ripoff. 4,974 Upvotes this month. Invite Vote Dank Memer Commands Prefix: pls. History. Dank Memer. TOP TEXT. Dank Memer Eris 3 likes. Note: You can't change the background, it is randomly selected from Ygg's favorite pictures. Dank Memer is very popular in the discord community because of its rich features. It can boost your server engagement and help you to grow your server. 168. Make the bot say whatever you want with emojis! Owners Melmsie#0001 . Fun/Currency & Utility Bot. Top posts march 31st 2019 … Cosmetic, aesthetically pleasing counters (statistics) for you and your server members. Sellable items can be sold for 33.33% of their cost value. Dank Memer/Items < Dank Memer. Edit. Dank Memer. This bot evolve with you because you will use it and Wazowski Memer will evolve, get updates (more commands, database upgrades..). Erisly. Easy Setup. Also Read- Best Discord Music Bots. Gamify your community with Tatsu! Item Rating. Dank Memer Community (Official) We are a rapidly growing community focused on Dank Memer, the Discord bot! I'm working on it. Search bots Community Report an issue Invite our bot. Dank Memer Community Support I wanted to join the dank memer community server but the invite said i was not allowed to go in permanently (the word is not allowed in posts but you know what i mean). It is recommended to download the Discord client for the device you are on. Dank Memer Global currency game with over 10m users, stealing, pets, unique items, and more! Item Details; Comments; Support; Trade Memer: A Dedicated bot for Item trading in Economy Bot items for bots like Dank Memer Item Trading, Redefined and Secure Have you ever felt that you want to sell an item, but the trading channel is full of spam and trading messages? User Friendly. Increased server engagement; A selling point while advertising your server (Tens of millions of users know and use Dank Memer!) Visit Dank Memer. View Command List. View Add Bot Upvote. ; Use the invite link, https://discord.gg/meme, to join the server. Created Oct 5, 2017. Join this Server. to the topic of the channel, as shown in the provided image. Global currency game with over 10m users, stealing, pets, unique items, and more! 1 Add 2 Use 3 Event 4 Multipliers You can find invite on top-bots.xyz (link) Also, you can add Dank Memer by direct link. Omega’s Café. Wolfia JDA 0 likes. View Add Bot Upvote. Invite Bot Join Server. Joining. FEATURES. Classic editor History Comments (66) Share. Dank Memer is a unique bot, that uses memes. Whats people lookup in this blog: Invite … A Discord bot for Mafia / Werewolf and similar games.
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