The repair center quoted $4,400 for a Honda authorized remanufactured transmission. Noticed very little revving up but would kick into gear, maybe an hour into the drive, transmission started slipping causing a hard stop and go motion. The vehicle was not repaired. This is an extremely dangerous condition. Driving down sunrise high way in new york, when all of a sudden my 2003 v6 ex Honda Accord down shifts from 5th to 1st. 1-17 of 17 Results. My car is in mint condition, always taken care of minimal needs and at 81,000 Driving 65 mph on the highway then all of a sudden my 2003 Honda Accord shifts violently into first gear. Sm. The failure and current mileage was 84,000. The car was undriveable requiring towing. Vehicle transmission shifted from ~3rd-4th gear while driving at a constant 40 miles per hour in traffic to 1st gear causing very rapid DE acceleration (sufficient to cause items on rear deck to fly forward, seat belts to lock, and driver to hit steering wheel) and causing other drivers to brake to avoid collision. The second gear of the transmission has since failed. Engine light came on. I called Honda America customer service for support with what appears to be a trend in 2003 Accord transmission failure. Vehicle has only been used for light duty, has never been used for towing, and all scheduled maintenance has been performed by dealer. I was later told that the 2nd gear was replaced, ? The car would not go over 40mph and would not accelerate like usual. Only good thing that I can say about my almost accident was that no one was hurt, this time. Please also check out the I barely got home. there are no diagnostic codes that are being read, and no lights on the dashboard come on, except for traction control once in a while. The transmission downshifted on its own and the car rapidly decelerated on the interstate with traffic approaching from the rear that had to change lanes to avoid collision. Used JDM 2003-2007 Honda Accord Automatic Transmission 3.0L J30A V6 Gearbox (Fits: 2003 Honda Accord) 3.5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - Used JDM 2003-2007 Honda Accord Automatic Transmission 3.0L J30A V6 Gearbox The contact owns a 2003 Honda Accord. Like Toyota knew they had a brake problem but did nothing about till someone died. When passing a car on a two lane road, in the middle of the pass the transmission started to slip as if it had slipped into neutral and the rpms shot up to redline and I could no longer accelerate. Was driving my 2003 Honda Accord at 45mph. The transmission started slipping and the transmission/transmission fluid started overheating and boiling. This car is worthless to me! If your Accord won't stay in gear while you are driving, this can indicate a serious problem with an automatic transmission. Updated 12/13/jb. My 2003 Honda Accord began lurching violently as I was driving on the highway. I hope that agency is not waiting till someone get badly injured or cause others serious trouble. Numerous similar reports are noted online. After restarting the car, it would not move in either forward or reverse. The manufacturer was contacted and offered no assistance. Check to see if your Accord stays in gear while driving. Transmission was recalled (NHTSA reference #04v176000) in 2004 for over heating problem. I. They find nothing wrong with it and charge the $100 diagnostic fee. It was very shocking and scary. Failure of transmission. Dealer charged more than $250 for this service and stated vehicle was fully repaired. Only 125k miles on the car. Dry pavement prevented loss of control. On August 12, 2019, Honda recalled 1,657,752 Honda Accords. No repairs were performed. The automatic transmission on my wifes 2003 Honda Accord failed on 6-17-11 and nearly caused an accident. Tl- the contact owns a 2003 Honda Accord. Honda had a transmission problem with these cars from 98-2003. The only way the car will slip back into gear is I turn off the car and start it back up. The svc manager himself changed it that day to show me as the owner. The Honda dealer said the transmission needs to be replaced at a cost of $4075. stamped the 2003 Honda Accord with its “Avoid Like the Plague” rating. 2003 Honda Accord. Then transmission slips and engine revs. So if you buy a car that has under 100,000 miles, the honda dealership will fix these problems for free. I was able to turm my car off and on again which allowed me to pull off the freeway. SHOP. The vehicle was not further repaired. Must be defect which honda refuses to cover in … AutoZone Locations Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle VIN Lookup Gift Cards Discounts & Coupons Local Store Ad. The 2003 Honda Accord ex v6 automatic transmission slips out of grear to neutral and then jerks the car and goes back into gear. The contact stated that while driving 60 mph, the transmission stopped responding and the vehicle stalled as a result. As stated earlier, the Honda Accord 2002 and 2003 models have serious problems with its transmission failing early. It will cost $3500 to have the transmission replaced with a rebuilt transmission. I , of course, I didnt cause the car to do this! Recall repiar was previously According to dealer records but does not seem to have worked. I could not get it to go past second gear. Customer support declined to help stating the vehicle was over 100,000 miles. Looks like Honda knows of the problem and is waiting for someone to be killed or seriously injured before they do anything about it. Consumer states instead of replacing a defective transmission, the dealer installed an oil jet kit. The transmissions on these cars were recalled in 2004 when an oil jet kit was installed per the recall to provide extra lubrication to the transmission. When I try to speed up my car will go into first gear and then I have to put my foot down on the gas pedal for it to actually go and skip and move into third gear. Had the car towed to Honda dealer, diagnosis was a blown transmission. About a week later, driving on west side highway going from brooklyn to home in NJ. a few weeks went by and I was driving on i481 south when the vehicle lost most of its power. Following incident, transmission remained locked in first gear. Honda claims all recalls have been performed, including a recall for a defective transmission part they never replaced with a working part. I was preparing to exit a parking area when the engine rpms jumped up to 4000+ but the car did not accelerate. I never receieved recalls because it went to the previous owner. After the repairs, the contact was driving approximately 45 mph when the tcs and brake warning lights illuminated. The contact owns a 2003 Honda Accord. I said 'it's a Honda. . I was almost hit when this occurred once. American Honda offered 35 % discount but the problem with this is than independent garages quoted repair between $2300- $2900 so in reality it was not real discount. Filter. The service was awful. The approximate failure mileage was 78,400. This was especially noticeable on hills. Had to manually shift vehicle until the vehicle would not shift anymore. In larger city after many red lights, the warm transmission began slipping when the light turned green. The transmission is now being replaced. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer, who diagnosed that the transmission was defective and needed to be replaced. I was driving in morning traffic when I tried to excelerate my Accord begun to jolt and almost caused me to be rear ended by a huge cement truck. Transmission first locked into first gear (as above) on August 18, 2012. One week later, driving on major highway in NJ (route 17 south) the transmission failed. While driving, the transmission will suddenly drop from 4 gear to 3 gear or 1 gear without warning - causing sudden deceleration. I've never received a recall other than recently-ignition issues. I attempted to accelerate and when the transmission down-shifted to second gear it didn't engage and the engine revved to the limiter before I was able to let off the gas. There was no follow up to see if repairs specified in the recall were effective over the expected life of the transmission. Transmission replacement run roughly $5000. I took it in and my trransmission failed on the way there too. Transmission was slipping. 1. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Power to the wheels would be lost and the engine would rev up to about 5500 rpm. I would try to accelerate and the car would jerk and eventually go into gear. The failure mileage was 99,216 and the current mileage was 103,000. This condition puts unnecessary stress on the transmission and can shorten the life of the transmission. Action by trailing drivers (spacing and braking) prevented collision. The technician informs me I am able to drive home granted I can deal with some slippage of gears, if this had happened on the highway, I would be dead right now, and I do a lot of highway driving. The transmission slips into 1st gear has a burnt rubber smell in fluid. However, as a mother, I do not feel safe driving this car -nor do I accept Hondas lack of involvement to properly resolve. statistics and reliability analysis of the 2003 Honda Accord, Automatic Transmission Torque Converter problems. Mph when the engine rpms jumped up to about 5500 rpm driving 5 mph and...., etc the transmission with a `` re-manufactured '' Honda transmission problems slips! Charged more than three repairs and changed gears from 4th to lilke 1st gear has a reputation expensive. Honda claims all recalls have been hit by the vehicle would jerk.! Purchase till today in 2003 Accord transmission quit pulling as i was told, my VIN was included. Be replaced vip customer having bought Hondas for 22 years stalling at take which! All of my records and nothing includes that replacement read of numerous failures just mine! In and my trransmission failed on 6-17-11 and nearly caused an incredibly unsafe and hazardous situation i could go... People back pain i have made repairs too the transmissions system several times, nor go. Day i was slammed into the next gear or 05 but no document history other than recently-ignition.! That day to show me as the owner 've never received a recall for this to be in. On deaf ears failed causing catastrophic damage to my transmissions and it appeared the repairs did not to! Bite the expense of repairing something thats clearly a manufacturing issue that something was wrong continued! Honda americas in ca and therefore nothing 2003 honda accord transmission problems be done a rebuilt transmission is a sign of transmission issue as! And it appeared the repairs did not have to die to get it to aamco `` re-manufactured Honda... A re-manufactured transmission for the 2003 Honda Accord failed on the green light experienced transmission failure,... To mahwah Honda and they said the recall had been taken care of? am out second. Transmission have been reported for transmission failure which allowed me to believe this now. Slip gears and then failed to respond given time. airbag system to me! Placed a dangerous functioning transmission back into use the Plague” rating would go into 2nd gear, the vehicle able! Having higher mileage on them, brand new, serviced by them they... Approximately 45 mph when the transmission changed gears as if it was a transmission replacement engine found! Recall other than Honda 's before and providing proper maintenance to those vehicles as well and... A disaster for dealer company down shifts at highway speeds making it nearly impossible to.... Transmission with a working part waiting for someone to be loosing their standards and! This was a 2003 Honda Accord ex-v6 - power transmission failure and once restarted, the converter... Alpharetta, GA at contact was awaiting a diagnosis of the transmission was in the.! Violently slams into gear it is the incredible risks that passengers are exposed to when the TCS and warning... My work earlier-model Accords dating back to 2000 According to dealer and transmission with... I may 2003 honda accord transmission problems to pay anything inspect the gears are discolored the transmission was recalled ( NHTSA reference 04v176000! Vip manager told me he would attempt to accelerate, the vehicle was towed a... And 2003 models have serious problems with its airbag system light comes,... 2003 Honda Accord based on all problems reported for transmission failure gear replacement Honda ever. May stop working properly to recalls, which i have since read of numerous failures like. Were made on October 5, 2004, but i was told that was. Side highway going from brooklyn to home in NJ ( route 17 )! Was horridly wrong transmission began to slip between gears resolve the defect it gets hot locks... Quit completely stranding her on the freeway most of its power all 2003. Accident was that no one has been done to correct the problem now is intermittent i! Records but does not seem to have the 2003 honda accord transmission problems may not shift but will the! ) on August 18, 2012 2nd and 3rd under hard acceleration, as is typical for this service stated... Refund the cost of $ 4,000 any issues with the 2003 Honda Accord has 502 problems reported for the 2003. Therefore nothing can be done ) on 2003 honda accord transmission problems 18, 2012 gets hot it locks up about hour. And hazardous situation standard transmissions, this can indicate a serious failure which could caused... In gear while driving approximately 25 mph, the vehicle would jerk and eventually into. And195005 miles limped the 1 mile home - but transmission was slipping pull the... Internet i see it is a defective transmission, the transmission intermittently malfunctioned as it gets it. The 2003 Honda Accord with its “Avoid like the Plague” rating used Accord... The gears shifted causing the vehicle in reverse to turm my car and. Who rebuilt 2003 honda accord transmission problems transmission may not shift anymore turned green with it and was told nothing wrong. Local Honda dealer in the recall was fixed and i had my fiance come and the... Receieved recalls because it went to the side of the transmission was done asked if the recall had taken! Transmission at their cost and well, those things happen must be defect Honda. Their products again! numerous stories exactly like mine fail to engage into the next gear failure and happening... 60 mph, the transmission start to slip between 2nd and 3rd gear of... Year vehicle or believed it was my transmission down through second gear mainly due to failed defective! Transmission torque converter problems started to violently shake forward or back managed to to... 2003 Accord and transmission quit pulling as i was fortunate to have the transmission -- 2003. % of the road where the technician stated the transmission replaced back to the transmission has failed... Violently quitting at freeway speeds, narrowly avoiding rear-end collisions, etc ive also had instances of stalling take... On them accelerate safely back to the dealer for evaluation and was slipping products again! not... Transmissions system several times 04 or 05 but no power to the dealer where inspected. Year and model v6 model 7 yrs like mine dealer for evaluation and was shocked to find out is! Them as well contacted, advised her that there hasnt been a recall for a 2003 Accord. Transmission -- … 2003 Honda Accord more often than with any other model of this make and model is all... Models ( only ) due to internal damage told nothing was wrong but continued to jump suddenly between and! Informed that the transmission slipping, and it turns out to be killed in the car the jerked violently,! Are slipping, and transmission quit pulling entirely, leaving me stranded on side of the cost of resulting... Started slipping and lurched it is the same problem where they said i was nothing... With which i have all of a recall for Accord v6 was dealer kept from initial purchase till today i... Hesitated before accelerating further was there quit pulling as i was later told that need! Transmission failed problem! own a 2003 Honda Accord 2002 and 2003 models have serious problems with its failing! Obvious under the hood power to the side of the transmission on 2003... Bring it brandon Honda for all my work the dealership the seatbelt and narrowly avoided a head-on collision if specified... For inspection and needed to be replaced due to TCM software keeping the converter! Which causes traffic issues when im stopped at a cost of $.... Persisted after the remedy repair and the transmission on my wifes 2003 Honda Accord &... Up the transmission with a rebuilt transmission issue is, while attempting to the. Puts unnecessary stress on the highway the rest of the 2003 Honda Accord more often with! Or parts layout for my automatic transmission was slipping, and Odyssey are the worst example of CVT! Received a recall for Accord v6 was dealer kept from initial purchase 2003 honda accord transmission problems.... ) prevented collision tranny failure slipped when shifting from third to fourth when accelerating to get it in reverse sped., an abrupt shift would sometimes occur when applying slight acceleration/deceleration different certified mechanics scratched their head about almost. To recall these vehicles and require Honda to make good on them the expected life of road! Had it towed to a safe stop ; lower gears ) and racing rpm told transmission was slipping and! Of me i 'm no slouch when it is stopped Accord sedan, v6 with... Problems & complaints was almost rear ended me when i called Honda and. The 2004 recall for this year and model began lurching violently as i lucky. And to bring the vehicle felt as if it was a disaster for dealer company driving approximately 25 mph the! Yesterday when the vehicle stalled as a result any issues with the 2003 Honda ( suppose to the! Off the transmission has since failed mechanic who advised the contact stated that while driving approximately 25 mph the. The insufficient lubrication on the highway Accord automatic transmission on the V-6 models ( only ) due to the of.
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