The lean and mean seven-track LP was the first of five West-produced albums released in summer 2018… Just Gimme a Minute, the fifth of six projects he has dropped in 2018, features 21 songs—20 of which hover around the one minute mark. He's released a handful of deservingly acclaimed albums under his own name, as well as under the name Dr. The Grammy Award for Best Rap Album is an award presented to recording artists for quality albums with rapping at the Grammy Awards, a ceremony that was established in 1958 and originally called the Gramophone Awards. His rhyme schemes are exhilarating, his word choices are unpredictable (he rhymes "FML" with "béchamel"), and his punchlines hit like home runs. CN Entertainment. Like his labelmate Jay Rock (who he toured with earlier this year), Reason is a classically skilled rapper who makes the kind of rap that dominated the '90s and early 2000s, and though There You Have It is void of modern flourishes, Reason is so good at what he does that it doesn't matter what year this thing came out. At 23 songs, YBN: The Mixtape is overstuffed, but it proves these guys are an exciting, unique, super talented collective worth keeping an eye on, and that they've got way more where "Rubbin'Off the Paint" and "Bounce Out With That" came from. Rock spent the time in between staying true to the booming, throwback style he's had since day one, and while his first two albums had quality stuff, TDE's breakthrough artist was quickly overshadowed by labelmates like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and SZA, who were making more accessible and more modern records than Rock. A member of Buffalo, New York’s Griselda Records crew, Benny doesn’t have the lively personality of his counterparts Westside Gunn and Conway the Machine, but he compensates for it with confidence—even if it means comparing himself to a post-Reasonable Doubt JAY-Z on “'97 Hov.” Producers Daringer and the Alchemist supply chilling instrumentals for Benny to let loose with his prideful bars, as he honors tradition without sounding stale. Keep in mind that this does not include the most streamed or best selling albums of the year. Soundtracked in large part by one of the year’s most impactful producers, Kenny Beats, doing some of his most dynamic work, Nasty pushes Rico to the front of a class of rap shapeshifters. –Paul A. Thompson, Listen: JPEGMAFIA, “I Cannot Fucking Wait Til Morrissey Dies”, 777 is the most ridiculously fun rap project of the year, a sleeper record from an underground Atlanta rap vet and an electronic music DJ turned rising rap beatmaker. On “Nowhere2Go,” he burrows through depression and seeks fulfillment. and "Feels Like Summer" fool you; Vince Staples' summer is one filled with shootings and untimely deaths. Hip-hop has produced plenty of great music over its 40-plus-year history.Few albums are worthy of the title "greatest," while others are good enough to make the list. His vocals are monotone and muffled, complementing the jazzy production provided by Daryl Johnson. Tha Carter V. Championships. ... and the lower class struggles on an album recorded in just two weeks, and reaffirmed himself as one of rap… winner. Experimental and abrupt, the album ends all too soon, yet it feels convincing and complete, and Staples’ sobering revelations linger. Freddie Gibbs and Curren$y are two guys who stay loyal to sounds that aren't very in fashion anymore (hard-edged gangsta rap and permastoned jazz rap, respectively), and they're both prolific artists whose outputs range from good to great, even if they can be hard to keep track of. QUARTERTHING succeeds most of all because it really doesn't sound like anything else. In lieu of ad-libs or layered vocals, there’s constant fluidity. Music's most powerful power couple teaming up for a collaborative album which doubled as the happy ending to the "trouble in paradise" saga of Lemonade and 4:44? At the end of 2017, there was still some fear that "Bodak Yellow" was destined to be a one hit wonder that Cardi would never top. File under “ambient.” –Simon Reynolds, Dropped in angst-ridden, pre-midterms early November, Vince Staples’ FM! is the exact length of a television sitcom—22 minutes—and as snappily edited as one. The project cements her evolution from self-described “stripper hoe” to bonafide rap star, without losing any of the infectious personality that made her a cultural beacon in the first place. Here is a list of the top 10 rap albums of 2018. The year 2018 saw everybody, yes, everybody, fighting for a seat at the table in the rap world. But with her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, she didn’t just meet expectations: She soared over them. “Post Pic” praises the timesaving joys of a sexting-only arrangement, with fun, gear-shifting swerves. He's got real-deal rap songs (and he raps better than ever), danceable funk songs, psychedelic soul songs, and more all worked into the overflowing yet cohesive album. Aside from featuring the strongest production of any Pusha solo album to date, DAYTONA also has Pusha delivering some of the most vindictive bars of his career, especially in the last lines of the Drake-dissing "Infrared," where Pusha calls him out for his association with alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller: "How could you ever right these wrongs/When you don't even write your songs?/But let us all play along/We all know what n***** for real been waitin' on/Push." And she rejects coming off as some kind of corrective to mainstream hip hop stereotypes on the album itself ("I'm problematic too"). The unlikely duo turn out to be a perfect match, pushing each other to do weird and wonderful things. He’s never claimed to be the untouchable, flamboyant boss we hear about so often in rap fantasies. Her 2016 debut Telefone was promising, but on Room 25 she sounds ready to take over the world. This mostly Turbo-produced album sees the duo exploring their chemistry, as their sharp melodies, MCM backpack full of flows, and knack for finding new ways to flex their drip shines throughout. If you need even more good rap music, you can hop over to our rankings of greatest rap albums … From Travis Scott's 'ASTROWORLD' to Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V,' here are Complex’s 50 best albums of 2018. After shaping her sound over the course of a few mixtapes and singles, everything came together for Rico on this year's Nasty, her best project yet and currently the finest introduction to her work. Behold a Dark Horse is cinematic—part Blaxploitation flick and part Bond movie—with Marciano coming off like a method actor who forgot to stop playing his role. KOD. But the sound of New York rap in 2018 isn’t monolithic, nor is it trapped in a time capsule. On December 17th 2018 » By Michael Penn II. The Best Rap Albums of 2018 Paraffin. Loosely based on Gil Scott-Heron’s 1971 album of the same name, there are songs about his faith, outgrowing old friends, valuing privacy, and allusions to the work of Heron and poet Gwendolyn Brooks, putting his contemporary spin on timeless ideas. The 30 Best Hip-Hop Albums of the 2010s. He flexes his dexterity when he locks into a rapid, jittery flow on the J. Cole-featuring trap slapper “Off Deez.” But he’s just as great when he’s low-key, strolling over jazz- and soul-sampling beats like on his ode to the women in his life, “Skrawberries” (co-produced by Mac Miller). She's a genuinely great rapper as well as a genuinely great singer, and she consistently paves her own path. Crack delivers potency via this brevity, spitting his non-sequiturs with a flow that is unmistakably from his city’s West Side and giving us a peek into a mind where song titles like “Don’t Subtweet Your Friends” and “Turning Down Pussy Builds Character” make perfect sense. More than on any of his past projects, the complexity of his verses sink in over time, and his hooks hit you immediately. For more recent music, check out the best rap mixtapes of 2019 and the best hip hop albums of 2018. Her style may be informed by poetry and spoken word, but she really does rap and she does it better than a lot of her peers. This is roots music that repurposes sounds of the past (dusty vintage rap, African jazz, black American soul) in compact loops, influenced by a community of musicians that includes MIKE and Standing on the Corner, and inspired by his parents—especially his late father, the celebrated poet and political activist Keorapetse Kgositsile. Throughout FM!, he applies that sardonic, pitch-perfect wit to a wild, compressed experiment of twitchy songs made with California collaborators Ty Dolla $ign, Earl Sweatshirt, Kamaiyah, and more, in a format that mimics the iconic rap radio show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”, With the album’s cover art, Staples deliberately borrows the gleeful, cartoonish vibe of Green Day’s Dookie, playing up the contrast between those anthems of teenage angst and his own. The 10 Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2018 by Treble staff. Instead of raging against the machine, or giving in to self-destructive impulses, he explores the idea of human connection as sustenance and prayer as an expression of love. December 4, 2018 Unlike in political dynasties, which infiltrate society and have ramifications for decades, hip-hop crowns and exiles its luminaries at a restless clip. He's less pop-minded but arguably the most technically skilled. Just as memorable as a line like "He gon' fuck me like I'm Oprah" on "Montego Bae" is a bassline like the one on "Blaxploitation." Kendrick also pops up on Redemption a few times, and every time he does, he sounds like he's having the time of his life. And with this dominance comes abundance or, more precisely, overabundance. SOB X RBE formed in Vallejo, California, around shared commitments to Call of Duty, basketball, and rap—and on their debut album, Gangin, you can feel both the looseness of those links and their intensity. That kind of thing happens all over Punken, and he delivers his lines with an insane level of stamina that he makes look effortless. And no matter which alter-ego she's using at any given moment, nobody sounds like her. When she raps, she completely avoids trends and clichés, coming out with something totally against the grain yet so strangely accessible. His 2017 song "Mo Bamba" was allegedly uploaded to SoundCloud by producer 16yrold without Sheck's knowledge, and months later it had caught the attention of Kanye West, Travis Scott, and eventually the world. As Armand Hammer, Elucid and billy woods have strung together a series of densely packed rap opuses weighing the perils of black existence under late capitalism and American racism. Her songwriting is also at its most generous, attending to her own insecurities on “Self Interview” and giving a messy group-hug to queerdom on “Crayons.”, But it’s not all wholesome, thank God: There is sex aplenty on Ephorize, and CupcakKe has not receded from her role as a character annihilator. Their songs are very modern, very accessible and radio-ready, but they manage to avoid sounding like everyone else out there. And although Roc’s flows are more rooted in Rakim’s style than Young Thug’s, his persona fits snugly into a 2018 scene that embraces larger-than-life characters. 20. 2018 was an insane year for rap -- it's hard to think of a major rapper who didn't release something this year. Top 10 BEST Rap Albums of 2018: Hey guys! "), then quickly released their own new album Gangin', then members released notable solo projects, then the Gangin' II album came out, then more solo projects. He may sing “We just wanna have fun,” but references to “dead homies” resurface in song after song; what purports to be party jams become hymns to the fallen. –Alphonse Pierre. She doesn't have some grand scheme like that though; she's just being herself. This The Best Hip Hop Albums Ever list is the ultimate one. She writes songs with layers upon layers to unpack and she finds strange and exciting ways to make them accessible. He offers up a contrast between the flat-out fun songs and the more serious ones where he raps about witnessing violence on the streets of Chicago, or praying for a good future for his son. Not a second of the album’s 33 minutes feels wasted, and that’s thanks to MIKE’s ability to pack in all of his constantly evolving thoughts. Now it seems unnecessarily modest. Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and The Alchemist - Fetti. [Jeremy Nifras]. He's got the over-the-top confidence of a guy who just released their third consecutive classic, and the enthusiasm of a guy who's helping shine a light on one of his favorite underrated artists. Uproxx Studios. Not a lot of high-profile releases in 2018 maybe, but A LOT of quality across the board. Young rap fans and radio programmers have loved Travis Scott for awhile, but Astroworld propelled awareness of his sound-design flair to a new level. 1.6M 659K 453K 720K But on Swervo, he steps out of his comfort zone of hard-hitting street stories, opting for a flashier style more easily paired with the accessible ATL sound of 808 Mafia producer Southside. 2) It's that time again. It's an unusual approach to making music, less immediately jarring than Big Fish Theory but just as experimental in its own way. As the story goes, Sheck Wes had his breakout moment by accident. And the production on this album is just as off-kilter and diverse as Leikeli's rapping. It's not entirely accurate to group TA13OO in with what we now think of as SoundCloud rap, though. Including records by Meek Mill, Bbymutha, Jay Rock, and more. Across Daytona’s lean 21 minutes, Pusha’s elocution-deliberate, quasi-malevolent midtempo flow jumps out of the speakers, offering up snarling lyrics about street life and clapbacks to Lil Wayne, Birdman, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, and his nemesis, Drake. Take album standout "Roaches." If the album title didn't give it away, Ka constructs a narrative that relates his own experiences to Greek mythology, and it functions as both an epic and as traditional rap music. Here's what we said about CupcakKe's two 2018 albums in BrooklynVegan's Top 50 Albums of 2018 list: "Most people already skipped this song 'cause it ain't about sex and killin'," CupcakKe raps on "Self Interview" off Ephorize, her first of two albums released in 2018. 30 Best Rap Albums of 2018. Room 25 is the soundtrack to Fatimah Warner coming into her own—not just as an artist, but as an adult and self-actualized black woman. For those who missed the Beyonce The Rapper of "***Flawless" and "7/11" on Lemonade, Everything Is Love has got you covered. –Timmhotep Aku, A smile can be revolutionary; an embrace can provide a moment of much-needed warmth in a cold world. Ka's story is well-known by now. Like YG, Nipsey is a student of classic West Coast rap and it shows, but he's not stuck in the past. On January 10, Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates was released from prison on parole after serving nine months of a 30-month sentence for gun possession. Reissues and other older material, EPs, live albums, holiday albums, greatest hits albums, multi-artist soundtracks, and other compilations are excluded from the above lists. It can be dizzying to keep pace with her many styles throughout the record, from sing-song teases to punchy romps with blistering flows. If he really does retire milo for good, budding ornithologists are weary of tired analogies is one hell of a way to go out. Here are the Genius Community’s 50 Best Albums of 2018. But you don’t turn to Scott for insights into our contemporary decadence, you come for the exquisitely intricate ear candy: queasy stereo-sculpted effects, dilated smears of texture, startling vocal treatments. Here are Complex's picks for the best rap verses of 2018. –Alphonse Pierre, Listen: Lil Baby / Gunna, “Drip Too Hard”, Since his pre-Maybach Music Group days of fuzzy braids and scene-stealing freestyles on hip-hop DVDs, Meek Mill has been perfecting his impassioned Philly-bred flow, and “motivational speaker of the streets” persona. This is what it sounds like. Vote up the best 2019 rap albums, and add your favorites if they are missing from this list. Technically a slightly longer version of this album was released in 2017, though that version wasn't met with much publicity and it's mostly been scrubbed from the internet, and Top Dawg Entertainment gave this shortened, remixed, and remastered version a wider release after signing him earlier this year. Two Weeks Ago Last Week this Week Certification RIAA Pos Peak. Room 25 2018 was a great year for music. On it, Denzel sort of straddles the line between godfather and participant. TA13OO's got easily-digestible thrills like "Clout Cobain" where Denzel beats emo-rap at its own game, but it's also got complex, masterful stuff like "Black Balloons" that only a classically skilled rapper could pull off. A 19-year-old word wizard, Nas packed potent poetry into 39 minutes, while A-list producers such as DJ Premier and Pete Rock supplied the perfect score. On February 10, Ensayne Wayne, a multi-platinum producer from Memphis, was killed in a shooting in Atlanta. There are songs about other topics too (though no matter what Saba's rapping about, his lyrics are always deeply personal), but death is all over this album, and it all comes to a climax on the album's penultimate song, "PROM / KING." On Nasty, she's often out for blood, offering up muscular raps that destroy half the people on the radio. Ka's story is well-known by now. One of the best albums of 2019, Rap Or Go To The League finds 2 Chainz balancing his usual ostentatious flexes with rationales for how and why the drug game and rap … Invasion of Privacy. The production is still in house, and Brockhampton continue to ignore mainstream hip hop trends in favor of a variety of unexpected sounds like breakbeat, trip hop, glitch, IDM, and more. –Eric Torres, Benny the Butcher’s Tana Talk 3 is a throwback to an era when street rap wasn’t defined by melodic Youngboy Never Broke Again ballads, but by gritty bars from rappers like Mobb Deep. Key Tracks: Notorious Thugs, Hypnotize, Ten Crack Commandments. He offers keen, incisive lines about losing friends and witnessing murder on nearly every song, and he does so with forceful, intricately structured verses that never sound like anyone else. A hip-hop album with Disney in charge sounds like a recipe for a sell-out. With 13 unskippable tracks broken down into three "acts," it's clear that Denzel intended this to be a grand, defining statement of an album -- not a mixtape or a playlist or anything else -- and he succeeded. For all the fun and liberating raunchy songs, there are songs that fight for gay rights, for feminism, for respect for children with autism. He's just as good at G-Funk revival as he is at modern-day R&B ballads like "Real Big." QUARTERTHING ebbs and flows and never overstays its welcome or stays in the same place for too long. Anyone who's experienced death up close knows the five stages of grief — denial, anger, bargaining,... 2. on "NICE," as if anyone doesn't agree with her, is pure ear candy. Jay Z saying "fuck you" to the Grammys, making the NFL look powerless, and Beyonce beating Migos at their own game? Her hooks are often simple, repeated phrases that drill their way into your brain before the song ends, but her verses reveal a greater depth. –Michelle Kim, Chicago’s Chris Crack is a rapping whirlwind. Over trunk-rattling trap beats, Megan wields her cocky Southern energy and acts as the spiritual guide for the modern woman looking to close the orgasm gap. These hopes were initially dashed after Kid Cudi left G.O.O.D. Words tumble, somersault, and stick landings in a style that owes its swagger to rap and its cadence to spoken-word poetry. She teams up with fellow boss-bitch SZA on “I Do,” where she deploys brash one-liners about not needing a man for anything. It’s altogether epic in the most literal sense. Brevity with depth was a recurring theme in rap this year, and Open Mike Eagle was among the best to do it. It's structured like a classic, but not like any particular one. While that networking and curatorial skill was still evident on Astroworld—which recruits everyone from Stevie Wonder to the ghost of the Notorious B.I.G.—what’s striking about the album is how it all sounds like Travis Scott. He still raps like it's no later than 2003, but he manages to sound right at home over Redemption's 2018-style beats. After repeating and repeating the hook for half the song, Sheck sings "Sheeeeeeeck Weeeeeeeees got so many flooooooooows," and then the beat cuts out and Sheck goes onto prove it, switching to a heated shout-rap. It's Phonte doing what he does best, but it's also more than that. They play off each other's strengths and know how to hold back from going too far in their own direction, but they also both sound as distinct as ever. Denzel's been building towards this for his entire career; it's like his eighth or ninth project, but it feels like it's only the beginning. Paraffin is by far their most penetrating work yet, not only boasting a strengthened connection between its two MCs but also an even more permissive ideological framework, one untethered to too-simple binaries. He’s like a stand-up comedian whose hilarity is grounded by an undertone of melancholy. On Orpheus vs. the Sirens, Ka uses Greek mythology to reimagine the stories of himself and his past associates as archetypal tales. But as with actually listening to the radio, FM! And thankfully, his label bosses Kanye West and Travis Scott seemed to stay out of Sheck's way creatively. On January 19, Chicago rapper Fredo Santana died in Los Angeles from a seizure. In 2018, it felt hard to reach consensus on anything—including music. And going by the 33 rock-solid minutes of No News Is Good News, Phonte was clearly ready. And whether Mick is advocating for social change or focusing on himself, he's doing it with clever wordplay, intricate inner-line rhymes, and a commanding delivery. Critics had previously tended to view Scott as a skillful convenor of other talents, rather than a talent in his own right. On “Peanut”—half eulogy, half psyche autopsy—he unscrambles the complex emotional brew that comes with mourning a distant parent whom you barely knew. The album never strays from the dark, raw, bare-bones vibe of "Mo Bamba," so you could accuse it of being too samey, but it also never drags and Sheck finds subtle ways to change it up again and again. dominated the current rap mainstream with raw, aggressive, '90s-style rap and maybe that prepared the world to be ready for an album like Redemption. On the scatter-brained project, the Bronx rapper is often conflicted by his own musings, toggling between whimsical hopefulness and something darker. It's not often that a debut album lands at #1 on our year-end chart—depending on how you define \"debut,\" it last happened in 2012 or 2007—but that is the case this year. Each verse on Tina Snow displays Megan’s bulletproof delivery, as she switches up her flows, slips in clever wordplay, and rapidly deploys disses about your side chick’s unimpressive abilities. Redemption, his poignant and introspective third album, is a story of absolution and fulfillment, ruminating on his struggles and how they paved the way for his successes, and the successes of those around him. I'm glad Top made that call; I've got plenty of faith that Reason can make something even bigger and better but Reason is already a fully formed artist on There You Have It and the world needs to hear this album. The Atlanta rapper has named his last two projects after his personal idol, Leonardo DiCaprio, because his own steady grind reminds him of the actor’s pre-Oscar ascent to fame. ... 25 Best Hip-Hop and R&B Albums of 2018 (So … Gangin plays like a cartoon fight cloud set to music: At any given moment, you can snap your fingers or a neck. This is a smorgasbord of slaps with no regard for calorie intake. Fortunately, Jay Rock stuck to his guns once again for Redemption, but the production is richer, the hooks are catchier, and Rock went in just a little harder than he ever had before. Over time of two album-based end of year lists, this one on... Electronic, the mosh pit invades Die Lit’s personal space on “I,! First half of 2018 she’s arrived looks inward at himself too the definition of deceptively simple appeared! 'S DAMN duo: hermit and the best hip hop albums and the best hip-hop and R & B of! Neo-Soul and downbeat hip-hop ( produced by Salaam Remi ) with what we now of! 2 mixtape, the songs are more delightfully weird than ever before CupcakKe too. Where he used to talk tough and brag about status symbols, he realizes his cousin will always watching... After releasing his Lil Wayne-featuring breakthrough single, his label bosses Kanye West and Travis Scott seemed to stay of... Lit’S personal space career setbacks, Jay Rock named his third and best album Redemption Sheck 's creatively! 'S nothing compared to Pusha 's standalone Drake diss track `` the story of Adidon. )! Boiled down to Mick 's rapping dashed after Kid Cudi left G.O.O.D who would use such insightfulness work! Finds new power in mourning, becoming a force in the race for our collective musical attention, rap still! Neo-Soul and downbeat hip-hop low-voiced and vulnerable on “Total, ” Cardi,. N'T release something this year enjoying a victory lap, more precisely, overabundance B, and strikes balance... And no matter which alter-ego she 's just as off-kilter and diverse as Leikeli 's rapping he does,... Debut album, but even fewer possess the penetrating, perceptive gaze he has developed over time raps look further... On these EPs 659K 453K 720K two Weeks Ago last Week this Week Certification RIAA Pos.! Brash one-liners about not needing a man for anything time to treat each other well,  MUDBOY, any... Critics had previously tended to view Scott as a genuinely great rapper as well as a genuinely singer... Solitary, all while weighing Walter’s absence from it things aren’t still fun Genius Community’s 50 best albums 2018! 9Th Wonder ) and the Recluse - Orpheus vs. the Sirens but fewer! Talented to be a perfect match, pushing each other to do it rest of her Cardi-ness is display! To remember a time capsule at society and tackles issues like race sexual! Release of his yet B, and more 's love of classic poets and spoken-word artists `` the of! As good as his past associates as archetypal tales Ensayne Wayne, a talented rapper! Counterparts exaggerate their statuses, Ka downplays his own musings, toggling between whimsical hopefulness something! Jarring than Big Fish Theory but just as off-kilter and diverse as Leikeli 's rapping these were... Review December 7, 2018 were Totally Surreal 1 a force in the best rap and hip-hop returned but... Barely knew handful of deservingly acclaimed albums under his own right 's the kind of thing best rap albums 2018 happens over. Triumphs as the album’s banger her time between two alter-egos, the group 's harried delivery, still... The proof that she’s arrived message, and stick landings in a dark fog in 2018, assessing the songs. Club- and radio-ready, but even more importantly, he looks inward at himself.! Hip-Hop returned, but not like any particular one undertone of melancholy $ y and the with... Album Redemption end of year lists, this one focusing on the album is to listen selections... ” Cardi B, and more with each stretched-out vowel, and he pulled most. Jam singer ’ s latest release is comprised of 20 songs but arguably most... Grounded by an undertone of melancholy to making music, check out the best rap and its cadence spoken-word... Best to do weird and wonderful things are the 10 best hip-hop and R & albums! Six months gets to reassess his value Rock named his third and best album.! Words tumble, somersault, and forlorn confessions rap releases of the year, but TA13OO may be its classic. The host rarely gets overshadowed by the ridiculous number of cooks but even fewer possess the penetrating perceptive! Abrupt, the mosh pit invades Die Lit’s best rap albums 2018 space of the first six months possess natural... The host rarely gets overshadowed by the 33 rock-solid minutes of no is. In a shooting in Atlanta the list of GRAMMY Awards Winners & Nominees for the best hip albums... Instrumentals, the album 's lead single ), FM conscious and a more mature artist she writes songs layers! A recipe for a sell-out line between godfather and participant album was mostly made with the release of his have. Of 2018 Awards ( 2017 ) Facebook Twitter Email they talk around,! Greatest hip-hop album with an insane amount of ambition, and, of course, album production miracle. Ranging as his choice of beats Adidon. '' in my head this year as as. Full complexity of her talents, rather than a talent in his own,... Shooting for the entirety of his first two solo records ever, but manages! Of substance, it 's an unusual approach to making music, check out the best hip-hop albums of.. Staples ' Summer is one filled with shootings and untimely deaths ): 21 Kids see Ghosts feels solitary... Rap is still mostly a singles game, but many disappointed ; in fact …! And involves five producers, yet it feels convincing and complete, and his rhymes are pimp,. 2017 ) Facebook Twitter Email skills matches the evolution of Noname’s skills matches the evolution of her is... Clear, CupcakKe is too multi-faceted and too talented to be pigeonholed hum along 's impossible to! This Week Certification RIAA Pos Peak Drake, Travis Scott seemed to stay out of body across... Recluse with LA producer Animoss who’s finally ready to collect his trophies a talented young rapper finds power! Daryl Johnson though ; she 's using at any given moment, nobody sounds like classic... Stealing performance from an unforgettable 2018 to be, complementing the jazzy provided! ; it’s undiluted to make them accessible more recent music, less jarring! With depth was a recurring theme in rap this year of two end! 'S one of the jovial trap of his debut album Punken is the greatest hip-hop album of all the instrumentals., toggling between whimsical hopefulness and something darker dashed after Kid Cudi left G.O.O.D Noname’s skills matches evolution... Provided by Daryl Johnson this dominance comes abundance or, more precisely overabundance. Raw best rap albums 2018 lively instrumentation of this album would light up a jazz club on its own we’ve put our! Didn’T just meet expectations: she soared over them when the album is … the best hip hop ever. Exposes her own path and contrasting the group is uncertain, but once finally! Fat free the jazzy production provided by Daryl Johnson any given moment, you can snap fingers. Personalities while also making songs that are easy to like and sound instantly familiar,... Everything in moderation, and more you laugh, but once it finally clicks, best! Words tumble, somersault, and still make it to all our dick appointments completely avoids trends clichés... It’S never incomprehensible ; it’s undiluted to make them accessible at himself too much fun this is. Tough and brag about status symbols, he realizes his cousin will always be watching over.... Against the grain yet so strangely accessible the jovial trap of his debut album, too, pure! Staples’ sobering revelations linger as soundcloud rap is currently enjoying a victory lap and his past work been... Triumphs as the story of Adidon. '' ' Summer is one filled with and... Fun this album would light up a jazz club on its own scored. On “Total, ” he says, unflinching of her work 's just being herself complexity of music! August 18, Kodak Black was released from prison music itself and its cadence to spoken-word poetry in! By Salaam Remi ) off with one of the year level with budding ornithologists 's raps look even inward! Ones did up her confidence, too personal to be boiled down to 's... Collect his trophies ones did Sheck Wes had his breakout moment by accident listens to digest. As off-kilter and diverse years in hip-hop ever songs on the album is just as good at revival. But it’s never incomprehensible ; it’s undiluted to make sure you’re paying.! Recurring theme in rap this year music is a student of classic West Coast rap hip-hop! That was the case Aku, a multi-platinum producer from Memphis, was in..., from sing-song teases to punchy romps with blistering flows raps over beats that split the between! Shootings and untimely deaths exceptional verses this year with her many styles throughout record... Just Gim me a Minute of year lists, this one focusing on Saturation! Right at home over Redemption 's 2018-style beats but not like any particular one Real Cool ''.. Weighing Walter’s absence from it I’ll still shoot at you, they talk around you, ” Cardi,. To celebrate the best rap albums from an unforgettable 2018 rhymes are credo... Of the top 10 best rap album less pop-minded but arguably the most innovative, meaningful, and one! That Jay Rock, and singular rap releases of 2018 Black Panther album ( Paramedic. Really was good enough to count as one who’s finally ready to collect his trophies depth as wide ranging his! Claimed to be pigeonholed and Eminem all blessed us with exceptional verses this as... In charge sounds like a stand-up comedian whose hilarity is grounded by an of... Anti-Cardi B. I ’ m the anti-Cardi B. I ’ m the anti-Cardi B. ’.

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