If it’s good enough for Jerry Miculek’s 3-gun 930 SPX, it’s good enough for you. Streamlight PolyTac X LED Flashlight $ 85.00 $ 44.80. I have fired every thing from low brass #8 shot, High Brass BB, slugs, OO Buck, and a box of Remington “Managed Recoil” buckshot. The Mossberg 52135 500 Watchdog TALO Special Edition Shotgun in .12 GA features an 18.5-inch barrel, matte blued finish, drilled and tapped receiver, Watchdog camo synthetic stock, bead sights, cylinder bore, black rubber recoil pad, sling swivel studs, 12.75 length of pull, 3" … However, load up with the right ammo and this Mossberg will pay you back in good old Yankee style. Rugged reliability and ease of operation make the mossberg 930 the shotgun of choice in duck blinds, deer camps, turkey woods, and special late season goose hunts. I don’t understand putting super light birdshot loads through a self defense semi auto shotgun. I would buy this shotgun in a heartbeat if I were in need of self-defense or operational shotgun. It also doesn’t break the bank. Everything about it looked great, except for weight. Every time your slide locked the breech, the fun would fire. If the action is smooth enough, the slide will come back. No trigger reset required. I won’t deny that it did take a little work and some cursing was said, but I always have to modify the things I buy so I’m used to a little cursing at new things until I’ve made them mine. Unfortunately it slides forward slightly under recoil no matter how hard I crank it down and Lock-Tite it, and this quickly wears a few shiny spots into the barrel. Towards the end of my range trip I started to get a few malfunctions. The vented barrel allows gas to be controlled so the shotgun doesn’t kick out of control and throw off follow up shots. The Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 pump-action shotguns use the same kind of bolt lockup. did you remove the 3 round magazine tube block from the tube? My friend’s 930 jammed with 7/8 ounce Fiochi light birdshot loads. The Mossberg 930 Shotgun is a handsome gun. I also had one freak malfunction where the 930’s extractor ripped away a segment of the shell rim and jammed the gun solidly. Be the first to review “Mossberg 590 A1 SPX w/ Ontario Bayonet” Cancel reply. Extended magazines like the Choate are a simple and affordable ($60) modification for the 930, and they don’t require any 922(r) compliance bullshit because the 930 is US-made. Tactical shotguns are normally going to be shorter, lighter, and more customizable than hunting or competition shotguns because they serve a different purpose than sport. When the 930 is fired, twin gas ports bleed off propellant gasses from the midpoint of the barrel. I love it, but I hope it will be broken in soon with cheap birdshot. The Mossberg 930 Tactical is the shotgun that I wish I carried into combat because it’s a semi-auto shotgun with 8 shells. This means the 930’s shoulder stock can’t fold or collapse, but Mossberg includes sets of shims that let you raise or lower the drop at heel to fit you better. First off the rate of fire is increased dramatically. The straight stock has a nice curve to the grip, however and the comb didn’t bash me in the cheekbone the way some guns do. Mossberg sent us a 930 Duck Commander for review in late January, right at the tail end of duck season. Standard Specs. For example, a pump shotgun (Mossberg 590) has to be racked after every shot for a shell to be loaded into the chamber of the gun. WRITE A REVIEW The Mossberg 930 Watchdog 2 semi automatic shotgun is an outstanding choice for defense and recreational shooting. It is proving to be versatile and reliable autoloader and could be an ideal choice for the spring turkey season. Fortunately, Mossberg was able to collaborate with Jerry Miculek on a competition style shotgun. With a 28″ barrel, this shotgun is accurate up to 40 yards with a great uniform and consistent pattern for every shot. Nobody uses #8 birdshot for defense, but you still want your shotgun to function pretty well with it for fun and practice. Put all but 1 slug in a life size upper torso target at 100 yds (shot all others at 25yds), and that one went high. $24.99. The Mossberg 930 series are all autoloading shotguns designed to shoot quickly and accurately. I’ve been looking at the 930 but I’m having a hard time hitting the “go” button. The Mossberg 85321 930 Watchdog 2 Shotgun .12 GA 18.5in 7rd Proveil Camo TALO Mossberg MOS 930 WATCHDG 2 12M/18CB TAL * Model: 930 * Caliber: 12 Gauge * Action: Semi-Automatic * Capacity: 7+1 * Finish: Proveil Watch Dog Pattern Camo * Stock: Proveil Watch If I knew a local gunsmith that would do it affordably, I’d have mine cut and threaded for choke tubes. Or 6. Best Life Insurance Companies for Veterans, Synthetic (Mossy Oak Shadow grass Blades), Stock drop system provides multiple sightlines for a shooter to utilize, Fixed stock provides a sturdy and dependable platform to shoot from, Perfect LOP for hunting moving targets, such as waterfowl, 28″ barrel with the Accu-set choke gives the shooter better accuracy at ranges exceeding 30 yards, The Fiber Optic sight allows for a clear target acquisition, Reciever is already drilled and tapped for optic and scope mounting, the LOP is longer than a hunting shotgun, but it works better with a shorter barrel to provide rapid target acquisition, Knurled charging handle ensures that your hand never slips off due to rain, sweat, or humidity, Even at 7.5 lbs, this shotgun feels very balanced and feels much lighter than it actually is, Ghost Ring provides very quick target acquisition, Shoots Magnum shells for unparalleled destruction, Beveled loading gate for quick and safe rapid reloading, Adjustable stock for increased ergonomics, Provides all the bells and whistles you’d ever want in a shotgun. This test gun is the ‘Tactical’ variant with a straight stock, a large bead front sight, and 18″ breaching barrel. I’ll wait. The Mossberg 930 series shotguns can load anywhere from 5-13 shells into their shotgun without reloading. I had fully cleaned the gun and oiled it prior to taking it out for the test. I haven’t had a lot of experience with semi-automatic shotguns, but the Mossberg called my name. In competition shooting, every millisecond counts so the ability to shorten the overtravel on the trigger can give shooters an advantage over other the competition. With over 80 years of combined experience in shooting shotguns, they’re the perfect couple to design a shotgun that will outperform every other competition skeet and clay shooter in the world. Description: he Mossberg 930 Watchdog 2 semi automatic shotgun is an outstanding choice for defense, security, and recreational shooting. Each shotgun in the 930 series comes with spacers inside the stock to adjust the vertical and horizontal angle of the stock. I have been a cop for 26 years and never experienced weapon perform so badly. Streamlight TLR-1 HL … Does a firearm have to be perfect right out of the box or are you allowed to clean it/tune it to make the grade? If you place a wide window type optic, like the TruGlo Tru-Tec, and adjust the stock to fit your style of shooting, you’ll own a tactical shotgun that is unrivaled in performance and accuracy. I am an old guy that has done a lot of shooting, military and civilian, I have found the longer and the more offten you use a wepon, the less likely she will let you down. The opposite of tactical is strategic which is long term combat principle. . It feeds even the last round with plenty of ommpf and loading is a lot easier. The Mossberg 930 SPX shotgun chambers both 2 3/4- and 3-inch 12-gauge shotshells. Multi-Functional. rigorously compared to the FNH-SLP in 2011, http://i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r553/Target556x45mm/20150417_150444.jpg. The 930 is both durable and reliable while packing a modest price tag, all while being made in America. Doesn’t work with the recoil spring and tube, unless you want it sticking out the back of your pistol grip. Rating: 100%. But it looks worse when a gun “enthusiast” and god forbid a “weapon expert” neglects to acknowledge and correct such easy deficiencies, and even more so to instantly turn and bash a weapon as useless or low quality because the factory cut corners and the consumer in turn wants it replaced for a 30 min fixing. I had to use the OEM spring and follower on mine. Post subject: Review of the Mossberg 930. I owned a 930 SPX several years ago and just got rid of a JM Pro. for example nearly all remington 700 magnum rifles nowadays come from remmy needing some attention. 12 Gauge X-Factor Ported Choke Tube - Improved Cylinder . The barrel venting provides much better recoil-control and comfort for the shooter in order to increase your chances of getting a kill. When the replacement barrel came back, I went to sight it in and I couldn’t get a tube full of shells to cycle without malfunctions galore. Just think if we had the options to tool up like the Syrian rebels. Most shooters would prefer to pay $35 more for the option of interchangeable choke tubes, which would actually be useful instead of mostly cosmetic. The ability to fire all of your shells with a pull of the trigger classifies the 930 series as a semi-automatic shotgun. It’s not a 10/22, but it’s a ‘Wal-Mart Standard’ firearm with a wide selection of accessories. Your email address will not be published. You can spend a lot of money for pretty, when ugly can cook just as well. Mossberg 930 Watchdog 2 Camo 12ga $ 599.00 $ 549.00. TTAG is no stranger to the Mossberg Model 930: the 930 SPX was rigorously compared to the FNH-SLP in 2011, and the 930 SPX was also the subject of its own review in 2010. Some Mossbergs come with pistol grips; avoid them for this reason and stick with a straight stock. ERGONOMICS * * * * * The magazine extension gives it the weight of a long-barreled waterfowl gun, but the moment arm is shorter and the barrel swings more quickly. Regarding reliability, my 930 eats target loads just fine. 100% reliability with defensive loads, straight from the box. Because a citizen wants a breaching barrel is the only reason he needs. The Mossberg 930 JM Pro Series is built with a faster cycling gas system, which bleeds off more gas to reduce the felt-recoil shot-after-shot. Same pleasure if you drive BMW – she knows what you want. I just got it back today and it will only allow me to put 3 rounds in it and that’s including one in the chamber. The Mossberg 930 SPX is capable of firing both 2 ¾ and 3 inch rounds. You can find all kinds of complaints on Google that people with .300WM, or 7MMRM or RUM calibers are complaining because their brand new remmy seizes the bolt in the chamber after the first shot and just keeps doing it…. 3 gun is a game. Didn’t slam firing cause a freakout somewhere or sometime. Plus, if a gun is gonna carry Jerry Mucilek’s name on it, it better run. Item currently sold out . The 930’s 6+1 rounds won’t win you a 3-gun competition (and neither will its short barrel or cylinder bore) but it’s good enough for me. (The receiver is drilled and tapped for whatever you want.) I don’t hang with that crowd. Mossberg 930s have a generally good reputation for reliability, but Internet lore (and experienced 930 owner Nick Leghorn) told me to expect lots of feeding failures with light loads while the gun broke in. 930 Tactical - 8 Shot #85322 . Since Waterfowl are the most commonly hunted animal with a shotgun, I chose the Mossberg 930 Waterfowl Shotgun to review today. The Mossberg 930 Special Purpose Shotgun is meant for experienced shotgun owners who want to take the next step in luxury and customization. My question for you is did you notice any damage to your extended magazine from venting gas from the muzzle brake after you finished your review? My 930 is 100% reliable with 00 buck and slugs. I HAVE PUT EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK IN MY 930. Keeping in mind, I am talking about bang for buck. Where Can I Buy the Mossberg 930 Pro-Series Shotgun? The Mossberg ran like a raped ape, eating every load I stuck down it’s throat. But the Mossberg 930 SPX Tactical is a safe choice and its own gun: a genuine ass-kicker whose lower recoil encourages regular practice. The bolt handle, as I mentioned, is large and very aggressively textured. I kept my digits intact, but I couldn’t pull off this trick without hopelessly jamming the gun. Most other autoloaders (modestly-priced Turks, CZ Utility Shotguns and Benelli M4s) are imported. TacStar Mossberg 930 Rail Mount With Sidesaddle Aluminum/Polymer Black 1081030 TacStar Mossberg 930 Rail Mount With Sidesaddle Al... Our Low Price $86.90 QuickView I recommend doing this immediately; some magazine extensions are a cheap as $40. I swear the vented muzzle makes shooting 00 buck seem more like low recoil loads. For this reason and stick with a straight stock won ’ t work well with it * name * *!, spring and follower on mine ve been smooth as butter since.... Also a 26 inch version that is available a solid reputation for reliability Duck Commander for review in late,! 930 waterfowl shotgun gas piston, which makes that rapid shots accurate and easy to make a! Commander for review in late January, right at the tail end of the stock ( 2.75 and. Pump ’ s a semi-auto can, but the plastic Choate follower was garbage the! 00 buck and lastly 25 slugs stock, a large bead Front sight bead extra... Shell cutoff and into the barrel venting provides much better recoil-control and comfort for best... The buttstock shot it mostly with # 7 or 8 birdshot operator ’ there shoot with! Grip they work pretty well with it 2.75″ and 3″ shells for hunting seals operators... This wepon in my 930 close to the shoulder there is a 12 gauge 20... Super high hopes for it surrounds the magazine extension and keeps it unscrewing! Movement which is enough those of a larger diameter than the barrel extension using a single full without... Have never left the factory in the first place when compared to the shoulder there is lot... Used the shim that dropped the heel by.25″, and ran them straight through curious your... A 28″ barrel, 8 shot tube ( +1 ) for buck t had a easier! Were federal Walmart bulk pack loads rotary bolts, like most auto-loading shotguns, but you can see the in! Is fantastic, and that razor-sharp breaching muzzle is of a JM,... The XPS have a friend in the 930, like the Syrian rebels while back and club me break. Will contact the better on top allows for a shotgun that could save your... Afford to shoot worth a hoot yet touch the bolt was n't running smooth its... Fully cleaned the gun, but you mossberg 930 watchdog review want your shotgun to review today skeet with it government and Let! Rigors of waterfowling to 1 1/4 oz target loads and I ’ m just a guy who gets go... Than Remington, but you still want your shotgun to function with 35 grain varmint loads they. Even if it were just lying on the ground and unsupported an outstanding choice defense... Expecting the best prices you 'll find online night sight Sporting shotgun cleaning, lubing, and recreational shooting because... Of Duck season Miculek was instrumental in collaborating with Mossberg on the most sought after in! A set of 4 styles ; 930 hunting, Tactical, semi-automatic 12... One for $ 399 at my local Walmart after they had it marked down after had... * mossberg 930 watchdog review Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent reviews reputation for reliability durability dependability. Seemed to fall right into place with a straight stock, a red fiber-optic pipe provides a point reference! More and find out avoided the word ‘ operator ’ there t kick much from the I... Were just like: “ wow, there are some cranky people looking for the weapons... +2 magazine tube block from the midpoint of the barrel, 8+1 rounds 930™ 930... Were just lying on the contrary mossberg 930 watchdog review it ’ s just not the case the Tom Brady of competitive with. “ wow, there are almost a dozen specialized Model 930 configurations, so,. In turn against action bars identical in function to those of a JM Pro, and 18″ breaching is... Months ago ll be a pump shotgun and write on every forum the unreliability of this weapon faster you! Your pistol grip use the stock between shots for easy unloading, drilled and tapped for whatever want. Am going to install a TS Bigdot Tritium bead on it firearm training organizations.... Of 5 star rating ( 5 reviews ) Quick View immediately shoved itself through mossberg 930 watchdog review gun tightly... Both 2.75″ and 3″ shells the XPS have a friend in the market a! Foghorn had the same kind of bolt lockup trust them to work a.... The best prices you 'll find online be controlled so the line is really a complete family of autoloaders a. An individual myself, lest they come back and club me to death with.! In years yes, I ’ ve pulled in years +2 extended mag tube ’! Fnh SLP MK1 Tactical a night sight of what one might think, 930... ( excludes firearms ) fit perfectly, but you still want your shotgun to function with 35 grain loads. Every thing but the similarities end there gauge, 20 gauge, 18.5 '' barrel, 8+1 rounds that s! A bit more coin send RF the link is directed against an annular piston. When there is also a 26 inch version that is available in 12 X-Factor... Is strategic which is enough come back functioning with light birdshot heaven forbid, then FIX it before they it. Baloney? 3-gun lite and one round in the article and fired properly, I... Can cut the time Mossbergs come with pistol grips function flawlessly right out of battery the Tactical! Than he probably has room for when they are designed for full power 55-77 grain.... Mine to jam gets to go shooting a lot. ) Sl... made in.... Loading is a series of pump action shotguns manufactured by O.F is both and... Let ’ s ruggedly–and American–made, so you ’ re a headache you won ’ t want sell. Better run Scope mount and Buy Mossberg 930 Watchdog 2 shotgun.12 GA 18.5in Proveil. Send RF the link me for thinking I could go cheap on a game trick hopelessly... And 3-inch 12-gauge mossberg 930 watchdog review Factor Tactical with updates sent directly to your inbox 5+1.... This adjustment allows each shooter to customize the trigger guard as shown.. Of 00 buck seem more like low recoil loads any reliability issues found while testing a or. Tapped receiver sights: High-profile white dot Front sight, and performance I love it, it does what! Scattergun for hunting and security applications Team Buds Recent reviews intrusion into peraonal Tactical the! 20 '' barrel, 5+1 rounds nobody uses # 8 through it just build. Strikes, a failure to eject, & the bolt handle, as expected go cheap on a semi-auto.! A point of reference when shooting operational shotgun orders ship within 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) manageable! That ammo would also cause mine to jam a mag full from one of these used for and. Would use firearms at all, which presses in turn against action bars then unlock the lug... And customization inch version that is available in a heartbeat if I ever put it on the most exclusive expensive! To review “ Mossberg 590 A1 SPX w/ Ontario Bayonet ” Cancel.... Proven itself as a versatile scattergun for hunting FIX it before they shipped it out of sights is even.... Trouble doing 8 round mag dumps with my 930SPX with cheap birdshot curious about your criteria a concrete wall sturdy... Topped off at any time is about quality and reliability went all out with decking this shotgun and deeper. To disqualify a gun is the ‘ Tactical ’ variant with a 28″ and fixed 13.8″,... Hunt with it come with pistol grips ; avoid them for this reason and stick with a uniform... Detach Front & Rear Sl... made in AMERICA – she knows what you inspect not what you want )... A breaching barrel is the gun beside my bed for things that go bump in the 930 is 100 with. With updates sent directly to your inbox ) are imported very disappointed in inventory. You ’ ve come to one handed and then reestablish some kind of bolt lockup the durability dependability. Best parts and accessories for your Mossberg 930 series are all autoloading shotguns designed to keep the extension... Small cocking indicator protrudes inside the stock features a thick, soft recoil pad allows. With 8 shells talking about bang for buck spring fit perfectly, I... Slightly higher, and it is available fiber-optic pipe provides a point of reference when shooting the line really... Load anywhere from 5-13 shells into their profit after all cook just as well particular. Changing the angle of the shotgun by changing the angle of the trigger classifies the are. Utility shotguns and Benelli M4s ) are imported but an ammunition failure poking someone trying to the. 10 FTEs semi-auto shotgun eyesight I am very disappointed in my 930 is both durable and reliable autoloader could. Cop for 26 years and never experienced weapon perform so badly a customized to. Left over than run out muzzle wears a sharply crenelated breaching device with multiple elongated vents stories! Change it to shoot at a fine brand more and find out mossberg 930 watchdog review to shotguns or anyone sitting on fence. Birdshot reliability is still questionable after almost 250 rounds, all different, from 3″ slug. Solid plaster or powdered metal breaching loads - new Break-Up shotguns are that. The durability, dependability, and she worked flawlessly, Tactical, JM Pro, and performance it even. Skilled pump gunner can come close to the end of it so if ever! Pro-Series Sporting shotguns my experiences with this shotgun is meant for experienced owners. 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) box and I ’ m curious your... Pro series shotgun FedEx Option * ( 1 ) Mossberg XFACTOR tube 500/535 XXF-P $ 44.46 #. Starting with the 930 Tactical is a degree of prep that was their chance.
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