Objects you select as cutting edges or boundary edges are not required to intersect the object being trimmed. After the cutting edge/edges are selected, you must select each object to be trimmed. Here is what you need to do: Type in Break at the command line, or select the Break tool; Select the line you want to break; Type in F (for first point), Enter 1. autodesk-fusion360-header-nav-label.product-name SIGN IN let me start by saying that the osnap midpoint setting is quite useful when it comes to splitting nice equal symmetry. hello fellow draft monkeys! how to cut dimension line since it is sometimes overlapped with the other dimension lines? TRIM command runs with the toolbar or from the MODIFY menu, text = Modify> Trim, or the command line prompt, type the command. Start the BREAK command, select the object, , use the First point option and pick the point where you want to break the object. Pick the line or lines that will be the cutting edges and hit . On invoking the Trim tool you will be prompted to select the cutting edges. 1. It is important to use only one type of cutting plane line on a single drawing. How to cut off or trimming part of the line using the commands in AutoCAD – TRIM. You can break a line or other object into two objects without any space between them using the BREAK command. We can do this by using the "from" command inside of the Break command. At the Specify second break point: prompt, type @ and press Enter. like in attachment. 2)